November Morning

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

The Thanksgiving Break was greatly appreciated!  Sometimes we plan activities at school that are almost more work and effort than they are worth.  A Thanksgiving Feast made by first graders is a lot of fun, but creates a huge mess!  I was exhausted after work on Tuesday, so the extra days off really helped to lift my spirits.  I spent the majority of Wednesday cleaning the house and doing laundry.  That evening we discovered the greatness that is Spanish 8 movie theater.  The tickets are only $3 and all the concessions are $3 or less.  The movies aren't current but they aren't as old as the ones in the Provo dollar theater.  We saw Contagion and really liked it.  Although, afterwards I was grossed out by my surroundings and tried not to touch anything :) 

On Thursday we celebrated Thanksgiving by going to Tucano's with our friends, Dan and Alexa Larsen.  We had 2:00pm reservations which seemed like the perfect time (right between lunch and dinner) but it was hard to wait that long to eat.  Next year, we are definitely making earlier reservations!  Some people felt sorry for us that we weren't having a traditional Thanksgiving with family, but we had a great time and really enjoyed doing our own thing.  I wish we could have switched this past Thanksgiving though with the year before because last year we drove to Colorado in the worst weather conditions ever and this year was beautiful, dry, and sunny.  Tucano's had all their great regular food plus the Thanksgiving classics so it was a double win!  We spent the rest of the day simply relaxing at home.

Dave and I outside of Tucano's.

Dan and Alexa Larsen

That is, until we started our Black Friday madness!  We went to K-mart Thursday evening to buy a few blu-rays that were on sale.  Then we headed to Wal-Mart around 9:30pm.  Wal-Mart was out of control! There were tons of people there!  Dave managed to get a blu-ray movie we wanted and a video game while I headed for the blu-ray player.  Luckily we ended up with everything we wanted even though we waited in line for about an hour to pay for our items.  I originally planned on continuing to hit up other stores, but Wal-Mart knocked all of the energy out of me.  We were there from 9:30pm to after 1:00am.  So we both got some rest and Dave got up to go to work and I headed out to shop.  I made a few other Black Friday scores, but my most exciting purchase was curtains for the family room!  I have seriously been looking for curtains since we moved into our house and have never been able to find the right color and style until this past weekend.  Luckily the curtains were on sale, but they still were quite expensive considering the fact that you have to buy each panel and valance separately (which makes absolutely no sense).  However, I am excited to finally make my family room look more complete!

Saturday we did more shopping as we tried to finish our Christmas shopping for each other and our families.  We also had fun experiencing the magic of blu-ray at home.  On Sunday I gave a talk in our ward.  We had a gratitude Sacrament meeing and my talk was on confessing the Lord's hand in all things.  I really enjoyed preparing for this talk because I learned a lot and it helped me feel the spirit of Thanksgiving throughout the week.  There are wonderful blessings promised to those who recieve everything with heartfelt gratitude and remember and thank the Lord in all things.  I was pretty nervous Sunday morning, but I am glad to have it behind me and be the better for it from the things I learned in my study and preparation.

Thanksgiving is a lovely time of year that reminds me how blessed I am.  I have so much to be thankful for and I have truly felt that over this holiday weekend.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Weekend Work

Well, we had a pretty busy weekend.  We decided to tackle our downstairs bathroom!  It was in need of some major color and warmth. 

This picture makes it look like the walls are yellow, but they are really a stark white.

I have been thinking for a while now that I wanted to paint it a burnt orange color.  That may sound kind of wierd/gross, but Dave found a really cool color called Crisp Autumn Leaves that was just what I had invisioned.  The good thing about the bathroom is that it is only a half bathroom so the taping didn't take too long.  Taping is the worst!  Before we could begin painting though, we needed to get the mirror off the wall.  I really wanted a mirror with a cool frame, so the genaric one had to go.  The mirror was glued on to the wall with something really powerful.  We weren't exactly sure how to take it off so we Googled it which pretty much just made us scared because most people seemed to have their mirrors shatter when trying to take them off!  We read that you should tape the mirror with maksing tape so that if the mirror does shatter, the pieces will stick to the tape.  So, we taped up the mirror and Dave began trying to pry it off with a kitchen knife.  Well, that didn't work so he got out his pry bar.  I couldn't watch, so I just left Dave to work his magic.  Luckily he was able to pry it from the wall in one piece!  He's such a man. 

Not too much of the wall came off either, so we decided to just paint right over it since we are just going to hang another mirror in the same spot. The painting was kind of on the difficult side though because it was really awkward to get behind the sink and toilet.  Dave said I had to do that part because he is too big- lucky me. Well, it took two coats of paint, but it looks fabulous!  We really love it!

This picture makes it look red, but it's really a shade of orange. :)

Right now we just need to hang up our new mirror, put up these cool pictures I found at Ross, and add a few more decorations.  We also bought a small can of white paint to touch up the ceiling.  I swear no matter how well you tape, the paint always works it way onto the ceiling!

Saturday night we went out with some friends and had a good time going to dinner and watching a movie.  However, the good times were short lived as we came home to a mess of toilet paper all over our house!  Words can't even begin to describe how angry I was about this.  We still have no idea who did this to our house and I don't really want to know because I don't think I'll be able to get over it.  Not only did we get tpd, but whoever did it also smashed my pumpkin that was on the front porch.  To me, that's crossing the line between doing something funny (even though it's not) and doing something viscious.  Needless to say, I took the event really personally so I'm still trying to work through it.  Oh well, life goes on.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I am looking forward to a break from work plus a lot of fun.  We are having our big Thanksgiving meal at Tucanos with our really good friends, Dan and Alexa Larsen.  I can't wait to get stuffed.  Plus, I'm totally hitting up Black Friday (starting at midnight this year), with or without Dave. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween 2011

We had a fun Halloween this year!  The night before, my sister and I made Halloween mini cupcakes to take to some of the neighbors and the ladies I visit teach.  Dave and I dropped off all the treats and had a nice time visiting with our neighbors.  The more I get to know our neighbors, the more thankful I am to live in such a nice nieghborhood with great people.  I look forward to many years of happiness in the place we have chosen to call home.  Monday morning (Halloween) I got up extra early to make sure I would have plenty of time to get ready in my costume.  I decided to be a Christmas elf this year and it turned out great!  Halloween is seriously my favorite day of the whole school year.  Everyone is in a good mood and it's just plain fun!  While I was a little disappointed that some of my students didn't know what I was (I mean come on, have they ever heard of Christmas???) I still had a great day!  My costume was fun, but it was also slightly annoying because of the number of jingle bells I was wearing.  You could seriously hear me coming from a mile away.  I guess it was pretty fitting then for me to lead the school costume parade.  The evening was also fun because it was our first time getting to pass out candy to trick-or-treaters.  We ordered a pizza, put on the TV, and took tons of delight in answering every doorbell ring (even though the majority of the trick-or-treaters came before it was ever dark- I thought that was some kind of rule, but apparently not).

A big thank you to my mom and dad for helping me make this costume!

My cute class!

Unfortunately I do not have a picture of Dave because he did not dress up. :(  I told him he should be Santa Claus so we could match, but he wasn't too keen on the idea.  Dave was a good sport though about handing out candy and we had a fun night spending our first Halloween together in our very own house!