November Morning

Sunday, December 18, 2011

December Fun

We have had a lot of fun so far in December.  I have been fairly persistent insisting that we do fun Christmas activities, even though they might seem better suited for children.  Last weekend we decided to go for a drive to see the Christmas lights.  We went to the Festival of Lights in Spanish Fork right by my school.  This was our first time going there and we really enjoyed it.  There are just tons of fun light displays everywhere! You basically drive around in a big circle and enjoy the different lighted animations.

These were some of our favorites:

Santa and his reindeer

Carraige ride

Afterwards, we drove to the Salem Pond to look at the lights there.  I used to work at a school really close to the pond, and my favorite thing in December was seeing the lights at the pond on my way home from work.  The lights are much more simple than the ones in Spanish Fork, but they are really beautiful because they reflect in the water of the pond (and they are free).

This weekend Dave and I celebrated Christmas a week early.  Because we are flying to Colorado for Christmas, we decided to do our own Christmas with all our gifts before we left.  We had a fun time opening our presents even though we bought them all together so nothing was a suprise.  We just figure we would rather get exactly what we want than gamble on suprises.  We both loved what we got.  Dave got hooked up with XBOX live and plenty of XBOX games to last him into the new year.  I got lots of new clothes which I am excited to wear.  I also got a new addition to my Halloween Village from my mother-in-law: the Haunted Rails Passenger Car!  Later we dressed up and went to have a nice dinner and see a play.  We ate dinner at Ruby River which was delicious.  Then we went to see A Christmas Carol at the Hale Center Theater in Orem.  I love this place because it is a small, intimate, theater in the round where everyone has a great seat!  The play was really well done with beautiful singing that really invited the Christmas spirit.

On a side note, we finally hung up the lovely curtains I scored on Black Friday.  It started out a little rocky when we realized that we needed two rods instead of one because we had to hang panels and valances, but after we got additional rods the process went smoothly.


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  1. i love reading your blog because you do things close to us that we can actually do too, so you give us good ideas :) and the curtains look great!