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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Break

The last few days before Christmas Break at school are always a lot of fun.  We do a Christmas around the world day where I teach the students how to make globos from Argentina.  Last year, I spent the better part of an entire day making one, so it is cool to show them what a big one looks like and pretend fly it with a blow dryer.  Also, every year my mom makes cute winter hats out of fleece for my students.  They look adorable on the kids and I love to see them wearing them!

We headed to Colorado on December 24th to spend some time with my family for the holiday.  In my family, we have a tradition of eating empanadas for dinner on Christmas Eve followed by chocolate fondue for dessert.  My mom even made some empanadas without onions for Dave this year so he could join in on the fun!

Christmas morning we all got up to see what Santa had brought us and open presents.  Dave and I both got a lot of really nice gifts from my family.
Growing up, each of us kids had a designated couch cushion for gifts from Santa.  Now that I'm married, Dave and I share this bench- happy that Santa still visits us! 

This was probably my favorite gift from Santa!  It's another piece to my Halloween Village.  It's a swing with a mummy, skeleton, and witch.  It's really cool because it actually rotates and lights up!

These were some of Dave's favorite gifts from Santa: a new book series, Zelda, and XBOX Live points!

With Christmas being on Sunday this year, we also had a chance to go to church.  I thought it was really nice because it helps you remember the Savior and the reason we celebrate Christmas.
We had a family picture taken at church.  I can't belive how grown up everyone in my family is now!  It's exciting to see my siblings becoming more mature and responsible.

Dave was only able to stay a couple of days with us in Colorado because he needed to return to work.  However, we still did a lot of fun things while he was there.  We saw the new Sherlock Holmes movie which was great!  We also went to my family's favorite Mexican restaurant, Las Delicias, and Dave got to try his first sopapilla.  Also, we spent quite a few quality hours playing Catch Phrase.

After Dave left I spent a lot of time with my mom and sister working on a scrapbook to give to my grandparents for their 60th wedding anniversary.  I also had fun with my family shopping, eating out, and just hanging out around the house.  I came back on New Years Eve so Dave and I could ring in the new year together.  However, I'm pretty lame because I fell asleep.  Dave woke me up a few minutes before midnight, we shared a midnight kiss, and then I went to bed.  Exciting, huh?  Overall though, we had a nice holiday break and enjoyed the opportunity to spend some time with my family.

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  1. Looks like you had a great holiday! Welcome home! Those hats look so cute on your kids at school!