November Morning

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sod Party at Our House

Well, I'm pretty sure that it will be 2015 before our yard is completely finished and looks just the way we want, but this past week we came one step closer to a more complete yard.  Last year we extended our driveway and put a patio in the backyard.  This past week we had a sprinkler system put in the front yard and layed sod.  It may not seem like these are good January projects, but since we've had such a mild winter we were able to get it done.  It is also nice that the price is cheaper in the winter. :)

The work started out by digging up all of our nasty weed yard.  Then trenches were dug for the piping of the sprinkler system.  The day after the trenches were dug, it snowed.

The snow delayed the work for a couple of days, but luckily it warmed up and we were able to continue.

After the trenches were dug, everything was covered with a nice layer of top soil.

We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful Saturday to lay sod.  We were blessed to have several men from the ward come to help.

The end result is amazing!  Our house looks a thousand times better with grass in the front yard.  Another added bonus of this project was getting rid of all the gophers who decided that our yard was the best place on the block to dig holes.  Let's just hope they don't return. :)


  1. Jessica, you have a yard to lay sod, and gophers, and a house to add-ons to. You are such a grown up. You must teach me your ways. Miss you!

  2. A yard seriously makes things feel like home. I'm glad the weather cooperated !