November Morning

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Loud Crash!

This week, Dave and I had just put in a movie to watch and were getting settled on the couch when we heard a loud crash!  It was seriously the loudest noise I have ever heard in a house- a noise that could only mean destruction!  It sounded like it happened in the garage so we ran to our garage to check it out.  I thought someone might have crashed his/her car into our cars, but when we opened the house door to the garage, the garage door was shut and our cars were perfectly fine.  Then I thought that someone might have crashed his/her car into our actual house so we opened the garage door and walked around the house, but everything seemed normal.  This was even more unsettling because, we really didn't know what the noise could be.  We knew we heard the noise and we were certain it came from our house, so we started inspecting upstairs.  Dave went through all of the spare bedrooms, opening all doors and turning on all the lights.  I made the comment that it really sounded like it came from the garage, and Dave responded by saying that our bedroom is above the garage.  (Always the last place you look, right?)  Well, when we walked into our master bathroom, this is what we saw:
The humungous mirror above Dave's vanity had fallen off the wall onto the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces!!!

A little back story to this story:  We purchased a foreclosed home.  When we originally saw the house, the master bathroom had two separate vanities, but one was missing.  The lights, mirror, sink, counter, and cupboards were completely missing.  The bank agreed to replace the entire missing vanity before we bought the house.  Everything was replaced, as promised.  However, the mirror apparently was not properly secured to the wall.  Seeing Dave's mirror on the floor, I looked at my mirror wondering if it too would someday crash and shatter.  I noticed that my mirror (besides probably being glued to the wall) is secured with screws.  I looked at Dave's side and noticed that his never had screws, only glue! Well, one year later the glue finally succumbed to gravity and the mirror is destroyed (not to mention the floor which now has several puncture wounds).  Luckily we weren't in the bathroom when it happened so we didn't get hurt!  It just makes me disappointed with the construction work that is allowed to happen.  I'm sure it would have taken one extra minute for the worker to put in screws.

We spent the next little while slowly and carefully picking up the large pieces of broken mirror, as well as sweeping up the tiny pieces.  I'm still finding those tiny pieces every time I go in there- no bare feet for me!  Hopefully this doesn't really mean seven years of bad luck!

PS- Neither our bathroom walls or floor is yellow, but for some reason the camera made them look that way. :)

The First Trimester

Well, my first trimester has come and gone.  For many women, the first trimester can be very unpleasant.  I am grateful that my experience was not that way.  I never felt nauseous or sick.  If I hadn't been trying to get pregnant, I probably wouldn't have even known. Dave and I orginally planned on getting pregnant a few months later than we did, but my doctor seemed pretty worried that I would be able to get pregnant without fertility drugs.  He suggested that I start trying earlier, so that if it didn't work, by the time I originally planned to get pregnant I could already be tyring a fertility treatment.  Well, it worked the first month we tried! 

Pregnancy is such a mystery because it happens differently for every woman.  I personally think that a sweet spirit really needed to come to earth now and knew that the only way his/her logical and well planned out mother would even consider deviating from her plan would be to hear a message of urgency and concern from a doctor.  Even though we will have a baby sooner than our original plan, we are both thrilled and so excited to be parents!

This is me 8 weeks pregnant.

This is me at the end of my first trimester- 13 weeks pregnant.

Maybe it's the dress, but it kind of seems like my belly looks bigger in the 8 week picture than the 13 week picture.  :)  I still don't think other people can really tell at all unless they know that I am pregnant.  However, according to my pregnancy app, the second trimester should bring a huge growth sprout and along with it, a bigger belly!

This is the Place

One day over Spring Break, my sister, Jennifer, and I went to This is the Place in Salt Lake City.  This is apparently where Brigham Young said, "This is the place" when deciding to settle in the Salt Lake valley with the pioneers that came west with him.  There are several monuments and statues to explain the history.  The neatest thing though is that the park is set up as a village that the pioneers would have built and lived in.  There are also plenty of actors in each building dressed in period attire who explain the way their lives are in the village and what they do.  It reminds me a lot of Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia (on a smaller scale) if you have ever been there.

You basically just walk around the village and go into each of the buildings.  Inside each building, is an actor who will tell you about his/her specific trade and show you how things were done back in the day.  One woman showed us how to spin string from cotton and we watched a blacksmith turn a piece of iron into a beautiful decorative leaf.  He actually gave the leaf to Jennifer to keep (and maybe I was a little jealous).  Of course we had to stop by the schoolhouse as well.  It was pretty cool because there was a group of young students there on a field trip and the teacher actor was teaching them a lesson.  It was funny to see all the students actually paying attention to her.  The best part is that when she was done with the lesson, they were all expected to stand and in unison thank her for the lesson.  Oh, if only things were still that way.

Currently, the park is also featuring baby animal season.  Jennifer and I got to see and hold lots of baby animals in the barn.  Let's be honest though, we were completely terrified to pick them up.  It would seriously take us about five minutes to work up the nerve to pick one of the animals up.  We were fine once we had them in our hands, but reaching for them was quite scary.  (We both have a serious and irrational fear of animlas.)

There is also a fun gift shop with a lot of old fashioned goodies you can by as well as an art gallery.  I got the most delicious hot cinnamon sucker there that I have ever had in my life!  I need to stock up when I go back.  The only bad part of our trip was the weather.  First it was just cold, then it rained for a few hours, and then it snowed.  Kind of hard to enjoy a park where you have to walk around a lot in those conditions.  Also, because we didn't go in their summer season, not everything was open. There are also fun trains that can take you around the park, but we didn't go on them because we didn't want to get even more soaked.  I definitely want to go back on a beautiful summer day to explore the park more fully!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Easter Surprise

Dave and I are very excited that our small family of two will now grow to a family of three!  We are expecting a baby this fall, some time around October 17th.  It is so exciting to think of how our family will change and that we will have an opportunity to parent together!  Well, Dave and I have known for a few months that we are expecting but we wanted to keep it a secret until 12 weeks of my pregnancy had passed just in case I had a miscarriage.  We decided to tell our families on Easter as a fun Easter surprise!  Dave just wanted to call his family but I wanted to tell my family in a creative way.  I sent my family an Easter present (which was an Easter basket) and card.

The card had specific directions.

I had to give such specific directions in order to ensure that everyone was there to open the basket so that they would all find out at the same time.

The eggs were numbered to go from less obvious hints to more obvious hints, even though my family said they figured it out by the second egg.

My family called me after they opened the Easter basket and they were really exctied for us!  My brothers hope that I have a boy, but we'll see what happens.  I think I need to get a family bet going.  It was also fun to call all of Dave's family to share the good news with them!  Telling everyone has made it all seem so real.  The day after Easter, Dave and I went to a doctor appointment and we heard our baby's heartbeat.  That was incredible!  We are thrilled to be parents and excited to finally share our happy news with all of our family and friends!

Our Two Year Anniversary

On April 2, 2012 Dave and I celebrated our two year anniversary.  We both can't beleive that two years have already gone by.  To celebrate we took a little trip to Salt Lake City. We spent the day at City Creek which is a brand new outdoor mall right in the heart of downtown. 

It is really a beautiful mall and they actually built a creek that runs through it, hence the name City Creek.

The mall stretches for several blocks downtown in the midst of office buildings and Temple Square.  It has a retractable glass roof too which is nice given inclement weather.  The only downside to the roof being closed is that with the creek it creates humid air in the walkways and stores.  I cannot stand humidity, so it bothered me but I'm sure most people are fine with it.  The mall has several upscale stores like Tiffanys and Rolex and things that are so fancy I've never even heard of them.  It does have some more affordable stores too though like H&M and Forever 21.  I got a couple of new shirts as my anniversary gift which was fun.

There were tons of people there because it opened only a week before we went but also because it was General Conference weekend.  Despite the crowds, we had a great time and enjoyed going some place new.  There is also a really big food court with some unique choices.  We decided to treat ourselves and go to the Cheesecake Factory which is now part of City Creek.  As always, it was delicious!

After we explored City Creek we walked across the street to the temple to walk around the temple grounds and reminisce about our wedding day there.  It was fun to remember where we came out of the temple for the first time as a married couple and where we took pictures.  We are so grateful for the blessings of a temple marriage.

I purchased a Living Social deal for a bed and breakfast in Salt Lake City for us to stay in that evening.  It is a charming old house called Haxton Manor that has been restored and converted into a bed an breakfast.  The room was beautiful and we really enjoyed our time there.

Of course my favorite part was the enormous jacuzzi bathtub.  I just love taking bubble baths!

We had a nice relaxing stay after a long day of walking.  The breakfast in the morning was so so, mostly because we are picky eaters.  One thing I really liked though that I hadn't seen before was a fruit cup with sherbet under the fruit; very tasty.  Although we didn't go too far from home, we had a great weekend just spending time together and having fun.

Valentine's Day 2012

In the past we have always celebrated Valentine's Day by going out to a nice restaurant.  However, we figured that by the time we could get to a restaurant on Valentine's night, we would have to wait a really long time to eat.  Instead, I decided to make a nice steak dinner at home.  We bought two really big steaks and were exctied for an evening at home.  Well, it was my first time cooking steak so they turned out a bit on the done side, but they were still good.  At least I'll know for next time that I don't need to cook them for so long.

Dave sent me flowers at work too which was exciting!  They were beautiful.

I gave Dave a game from his childhood that he had been missing.  When we went to Oregon awhile ago, Dave's mom was clearing out the house and gave us a bunch of games that Dave used to play as a kid.  Apparently she gave Dave's favorite game, The Farming Game, to Goodwill.  It's not a game that is really sold in stores anymore, but I happened to come across one copy of it at a gameboard store so that's what I gave him for Valentine's Day.  We played it later that week and Dave said it wasn't as much fun as he remembered.  Hopefully it's because he's grown up now and not because of the company.  I didn't think it was too bad (mostly because I was winning) but it's sort of a never-ending game.  I think we need to give it another try.  All in all though we had a great Valentine's Day and we are both so thankful for the happy and loving marriage we have.

Dave's New Job!

Dave got a new job at the beginning of February.  He is working at Larry H. Miller Chevrolet in Provo as a quick lane technician.  He was excited to finally have the chance to get a starter job for a career in the automotive world.  We are hoping that he will be able to learn, grow, and progress at this dealership.  I am really proud of Dave for leaving a cushy job at Vivint in order to follow his dreams and do something he actually enjoys.  It's a waste to spend your life doing work that you find meaningless and unenjoyable.  Money will never compensate for dreading to get up every morning.  I'm glad that Dave and I both have the courage to do work that we love.

I am so proud of Dave that I had to get a couple of pictures of him in his work uniform!

Dave also recently passed both tests to become Safety and Emissions certified!  I know it wasn't easy to juggle work and these classes, but I'm proud of him for doing it and doing it successfully.  Dave is a great provider for us and I'm thankful for his motivation to continually improve himself in order to open more doors in his career.