November Morning

Saturday, April 21, 2012

A Loud Crash!

This week, Dave and I had just put in a movie to watch and were getting settled on the couch when we heard a loud crash!  It was seriously the loudest noise I have ever heard in a house- a noise that could only mean destruction!  It sounded like it happened in the garage so we ran to our garage to check it out.  I thought someone might have crashed his/her car into our cars, but when we opened the house door to the garage, the garage door was shut and our cars were perfectly fine.  Then I thought that someone might have crashed his/her car into our actual house so we opened the garage door and walked around the house, but everything seemed normal.  This was even more unsettling because, we really didn't know what the noise could be.  We knew we heard the noise and we were certain it came from our house, so we started inspecting upstairs.  Dave went through all of the spare bedrooms, opening all doors and turning on all the lights.  I made the comment that it really sounded like it came from the garage, and Dave responded by saying that our bedroom is above the garage.  (Always the last place you look, right?)  Well, when we walked into our master bathroom, this is what we saw:
The humungous mirror above Dave's vanity had fallen off the wall onto the floor and shattered into a thousand pieces!!!

A little back story to this story:  We purchased a foreclosed home.  When we originally saw the house, the master bathroom had two separate vanities, but one was missing.  The lights, mirror, sink, counter, and cupboards were completely missing.  The bank agreed to replace the entire missing vanity before we bought the house.  Everything was replaced, as promised.  However, the mirror apparently was not properly secured to the wall.  Seeing Dave's mirror on the floor, I looked at my mirror wondering if it too would someday crash and shatter.  I noticed that my mirror (besides probably being glued to the wall) is secured with screws.  I looked at Dave's side and noticed that his never had screws, only glue! Well, one year later the glue finally succumbed to gravity and the mirror is destroyed (not to mention the floor which now has several puncture wounds).  Luckily we weren't in the bathroom when it happened so we didn't get hurt!  It just makes me disappointed with the construction work that is allowed to happen.  I'm sure it would have taken one extra minute for the worker to put in screws.

We spent the next little while slowly and carefully picking up the large pieces of broken mirror, as well as sweeping up the tiny pieces.  I'm still finding those tiny pieces every time I go in there- no bare feet for me!  Hopefully this doesn't really mean seven years of bad luck!

PS- Neither our bathroom walls or floor is yellow, but for some reason the camera made them look that way. :)


  1. Wow! That would totally freak me out. Glad you weren't in the bathroom when it happened!! Also I am so glad your pregnancy has gone so well. It's nice you haven't been too sick especially with teaching and all. Keep drinking lots of water.
    You look adorable with your belly bump!!

  2. Oh my gosh! That's so scary! It's a good thing neither of you were in there. I hope you don't have to pay for the repair work/mirror.

  3. Wow! I can't believe that happened!! I am so glad that you guys are safe! It infuriates me how people cut corners when they're not making money on something!