November Morning

Friday, April 13, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

In the past we have always celebrated Valentine's Day by going out to a nice restaurant.  However, we figured that by the time we could get to a restaurant on Valentine's night, we would have to wait a really long time to eat.  Instead, I decided to make a nice steak dinner at home.  We bought two really big steaks and were exctied for an evening at home.  Well, it was my first time cooking steak so they turned out a bit on the done side, but they were still good.  At least I'll know for next time that I don't need to cook them for so long.

Dave sent me flowers at work too which was exciting!  They were beautiful.

I gave Dave a game from his childhood that he had been missing.  When we went to Oregon awhile ago, Dave's mom was clearing out the house and gave us a bunch of games that Dave used to play as a kid.  Apparently she gave Dave's favorite game, The Farming Game, to Goodwill.  It's not a game that is really sold in stores anymore, but I happened to come across one copy of it at a gameboard store so that's what I gave him for Valentine's Day.  We played it later that week and Dave said it wasn't as much fun as he remembered.  Hopefully it's because he's grown up now and not because of the company.  I didn't think it was too bad (mostly because I was winning) but it's sort of a never-ending game.  I think we need to give it another try.  All in all though we had a great Valentine's Day and we are both so thankful for the happy and loving marriage we have.

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  1. valentine's nights in are my favorite. so peaceful and relaxing :)