November Morning

Friday, July 6, 2012

Baby Furniture

My family bought us a crib, crib mattress, changing table pad, and a changing table/dresser.  We are so grateful to them for buying those items for us, but man if it hasn't been a pain trying to put them together.  Most of the items were shipped to our door, but we had to pick up the crib at Wal-Mart.  Now, we've had several issues with trying to bring furniture home in our small cars in the past.  However, we thought that when we bought our new, more SUV-like car, we wouldn't have those issues anymore.  Well, we couldn't have been more wrong.  The box the crib came in is the widest box I have ever seen and it certainly did not fit in our car!
The picture doesn't really do it justice, but it was enormous.  Luckily our really nice neighbor, Amelia, was nice enough to meet us at Wal-Mart with her real SUV to bring home our crib.  She even helped Dave carry it upstairs to the nursery.  Putting together the crib started out rough because Dave accidently used the wrong screw in the very first hole.  It wasn't until we were on the last hole with too long of a screw that we realized the first screw belonged in the last hole.  Well, we made the switch and I think the crib will be just fine.

Well, like I mentioned we had a little trouble with the crib but it was nothing compared to the changing table.  What a nightmare!  We literally built it in three separate shifts because it was so difficult.  First of all, it came with proably 100 pieces counting all the wood and screws and miscellaneous items.  It also came with a 30 step direction booklet.  Everything in the booklet was referred to by letters and numbers, but not all of the peices were labeled with letters and numbers.  So, we ended up guessing on a few screws and we ended up guessing wrong.  In order to complete the project we had to use our own screws.  Luckily Dave stuck with it and created a beautiful product in the end.
The baby furniture is finally complete and we can move on to decorating!

We've also received some fun packages in the mail lately!  Baby stuff seems to be pretty expensive and we are grateful to our families as they help us start out.  Dave's mom sent us a package with baskeball socks and a cute necklace for me.  It's a good thing for Dave and his family or our poor boy wouldn't have any sports stuff because I prefer the animal themed clothing and accessories.
My family sent us a package that is a great starter kit with lots of clothes, blankets, diapers, and other baby necessities.
It's so exciting to get baby things because it makes it all seem so real.  Although, I'm not really having a hard time believing it's real anymore on account of how much I seem to grow every day!  Here is my latest picture at 24 weeks on the 4th of July.
Only about 3 1/2 months to go.  I'm feeling pretty good about things though because I continue to remain in good health, the baby furniture is up and ready, and my sub plans are about 75% complete.  There is still plenty more to do, but I feel good knowing that if Dawson came early we wouldn't be totally unprepared.


  1. Did you know you got the exact same crib as us? :) I think it is so cute. Good for you for getting your sub plans done so early! It is nice that you have to summer to do them.

  2. It all turned out great! And you look so cute, Jessica!