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Friday, July 6, 2012

Dave Had a Birthday!

We celebrated Dave's 28th birthday this past June 13th.  Dave's mom came to visit us for a few days as well and she came just in time for his birthday.  As tradition would have it, the birthday boy gets to choose where he wants to eat for dinner.  Dave always chooses IHOP.  This is the one time each year where I try to smile and say, "Mmmm, IHOP sounds delicious".  (I don't have anything against IHOP, I just would never choose to eat there, ever.)  We did have a nice time though and our friends James and Michelle joined us too.  After dinner we came home and Dave opened presents.  He got Diablo 3 which he loves playing (I think he's already a level 46) and a nice shirt.

I also made chocolate peanut butter cupcakes for dessert.

While Dave's mom, Julie, was here we did a lot of fun things together.  When Dave was at work, we had some girl time.  I convinced Julie to get her first ever pedicure.  She was skeptical at first, but she absolutely loved it!  Who wouldn't?  We also went to Zupas which was nice because Dave won't go there with me.  Julie and I also went to Babies "R" Us and she bought us a really nice stroller/carseat/carrier combination.  Julie likes to collect salt and pepper shakers so I took her to this huge antique mall where we spent a few hours scouring for the best and most unique salt and pepper shakers.  In the evenings we did some fun things with Dave like eat at Tucanos and his mom spoiled him with a laptop for his birthday.

On Saturday we took Julie to This is the Place in Salt Lake City.  We had a fun time exploring the little pioneer community and learning more about the pioneer life. 
They even have a Brigham's Donut Shop so of course we had to have some and I had to get Dave's picture with the sign because he loves doughnuts!

Overall, we had a fun time celebrating Dave's birthday with his mom and being able to spend a few days with her.

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  1. That picture of Dave with the cupcakes cracks me up! It sounds like an awesome birthday, and Dave's mom sounds really sweet. Never had a pedicure before?! I'm glad you cured her of that :)