November Morning

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Painted the Kitchen!

I have been wanting to paint the kitchen for a long time.  At first we were struggling to figure out the right color and then we were struggling to find the motivation.  Painting isn't tons of fun, but it can really make the biggest difference in a room.  I finally decided on a light to medium green color and I love the way it turned out!  The good thing about painting the kitchen is that there really isn't too much wall space; the bad thing is taping around all of the cupboards, counters, appliances, ceiling, and baseboards. 

 It took us about two hours to tape everything and Dave was nice enough to do all of the high taping so I wouldn't accidentally fall.

Then, it was on to the painting.  Again, Dave did everything up high and I did everything down low.

I'm so glad we got this project done before the baby comes and I absolutely love the end result!  The whole kitchen looks so much more warm and elegant.  Now I'm excited to decorate the top of the cupboards.  I am looking for some fake leaves on a vine as well as some fabulous African decorations!
Love it!