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Monday, September 3, 2012

Baby Shower

On August 25th, my mom, sister, and visiting teachers threw me a baby shower.  My mom and sister took care of the invitations, games, and prizes, and my visiting teachers took care of the food.  I felt really blessed to have so many people care about me and want to do something nice for me and my baby.

The food was delicious!  Since the shower was in the morning, there was a variety of yummy breakfast foods.  My visiting teachers did a great job of making a beautiful spread.

This is the cute diaper car that my visiting teacher, Amber, made as a gift and decoration!

It was fun to visit with friends and enjoy good food.

Then we played a few games.  The first game we played was a baby word scramble.  Then we played a scratch off lottery ticket game.  After that we played a game where everyone cuts a piece of yarn that they think will fit perfectly around my belly.  The closest person wins!  Almost all of the strings were too short which is super sweet.  However, my sister's string was extra long- I guess we know how she sees me :)  I was pretty impressed though that two people cut strings that were the perfect size!  There was also a cute estimation jar with blue and silver candies that someone won.  We had a good time playing just the right amount of games!

After games, I got to open presents.  It was so fun to get a bunch of stuff for the baby and I am really grateful for all the things that were given to me.  I think Dawson will definitely be the best dressed baby on the block!

I had a great baby shower and it was especially fun to share it with my mom and sister!

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