November Morning

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dawson's First Halloween

I absolutely love Halloween!  I have to admit that I was a wee bit disappointed not to be at work on Halloween because it is my very favorite day of the whole school year.  However, I tried to make the most of the day even though I pretty much had to celebrate it by myself.

While Dawson took a nap I was finally able to carve my pumpkin.  I was going to carve one for him, but I didn't have enough time so I just drew a face on Dawson's pumpkin.

We were actually able to find a newborn costume at the store, so we dressed Dawson up as a tiger.  It fit him really well, all except the enormous hood.  I dressed as his mama cat.  It was so fun and Dawson looked adorable!

Although Dawson had no idea what was going on, I'm glad we were able to have some fun with him and create memories of his very first Halloween!

Celebrating Dawson's Arrival

My family all came to see Dawson when we got home from the hospital.  Dawson is the first grandchild on my side of the family which is really fun and exciting!  It was really special for me to be able to watch my parents as grandparents and my siblings as aunt/uncles.  I was so grateful to have my family come.  My mom helped me out a ton!  It was so nice to have her take care of all the cooking and cleaning.  It was also nice to have her take care of me.  I will always be appreciate of her kindness during that rough first week of recovery for me.  I love any chance I get to spend time with my family!  Everyone loved Dawson.  I don't think there was ever a time when someone wasn't holding him!

The proud new grandparents.

Aunt Jennifer

Uncle Jason

Uncle Jeremy

New Mom

New Dad

We are so glad to welcome Dawson to our family!

Introducing Dawson Crew Gregory

Dawson Crew Gregory was born on Tuesday, October 23, 2012.  He weighed 8lbs. 6oz. and was 20.5 inches long.  He has dirty blonde hair that is light on the top and dark in the back.  His body is long and skinny.  So far we think his face looks more like Dave and his body type is more like mine.  He also has beautiful blue eyes like his mama (even though Dave thinks they are green).  We are loving getting to know our little boy! 

Dawson had a rough first couple of days once we got home.  He had jaundice and his levels were getting worse each day so we had to get a bilibed to help treat the jaundice.  It was so sad to see him lay on the bilibed- a really nice welcome to Earth. 

 We were supposed to keep him on the bed as much as possible which meant having Dawson sleep on the bilibed.  This made for some rather sleepless nights for all of us.  I tried to sit with him/ nap with him when I could so he wouldn't have to be alone.

 We were glad when he didn't have to use it anymore!  Luckily, Dawson was able to get off the bilibed after a couple of days.  We are grateful for modern technology that can quickly cure illness.

Since then, we have been able to have a lot more fun with Dawson!  He is such a cute boy.  Dave and I are constantly in amazement of our sweet creation.

Dawson sleeps for about three hours at a time.  He then likes to eat, have his diaper changed, and usually go back to sleep. 

When he is awake he loves to look around.  It is so sweet when he stares straight into our eyes.  It makes our hearts melt. 

Dawson also has the cutest little whine.  While he is sleeping he lets out this high pitched whine every now and then that sounds like a sad puppy.  It is so cute and always makes us laugh.

Dawson hates to be swaddled.  He loves, loves, loves for his arms to be free and wild!  Because of this he often scratches his face (and me).  This tends to make putting him to sleep kind of challenging, unless he is really full and sleepy.

Dawson also hates baths!  He is getting better each time, but bath time is still a dreaded event for all of us.  I can't even give him a bath alone.  It is so stressful that I have to wait until the evening when Dave can help me!

Most of the time though, Dawson is just a calm, happy baby.  He already seems so much bigger to me and only two weeks have gone by!  We are so looking forward to watching our boy grow and learning more about his personality!

We love you Dawson!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

10/23/12- Our First Day as Parents

On Monday, October 22nd I went to the hospital for my second round of non-stress tests.  These are tests that measure the amount of amniotic fluid, monitor contractions, and monitor the baby's heartbeat.  Due to some dips in the baby's heartbeat it was determined that I should be induced in the morning.  Hearing that sent a range of emotions through my body, but by that point I was ready for the baby to come.  Dave and I went out for one last child-free night to have a nice dinner at Ruby River.  It was great to spend the evening talking about what was going to happen the next day.

On Tuesday, October 23rd we got a phone call at 5:45am from the hospital telling us that they had a room and nurses ready for us.  We quickly got ready and headed down to Utah Valley Regional Hospital.  I was pretty anxious but I only cried a little on the way there.  We walked up to the Labor & Delivery floor, filled out some paperwork, and then went to our assigned room.  The room was really big and much nicer than I expected.  It had all of the hospital equipment, but wihout the sterile hospital feel.  The room also had really big windows where we could watch the stormy, overcast weather.

The nurses spent about an hour asking me questions and getting everything ready.  Also, Dr.Nance came to see me and break my water.  I was terrified to have the IV put in me, but the nurse did a great job and only had to stick me once.  They started my first dose of pitocin at 8:00am.  Every half hour or so, they would come back in the room to increase the amount of pitocin entering the IV.  I quickly dialated from 1cm to 3cm.  I endured the contractions until about 10:30am.  At that point, I decided to get an epidural.  I was really scared about it, but it turned out fine and I loved the numbing effect!  About 20 minutes after getting the epidural, I no longer felt the pain from the contractions.  Then, kind of out of nowhere, I had dialated to 10cm by 12:00pm.  The nurses called Dr.Nance and he said he would come around 1:00pm.  He was quite a bit late, but as soon as he came he got down to buisness.  I began pushing at around 2:00pm, had an episiotomy shortly after, and we had a baby at 2:10pm!
Even though he said he didn't want to, Dave watched the whole thing and cut the umbilical cord.  Dave was a really great partner throughout the whole labor and I am so glad he was there to support me.  They took the baby to a little bed, cleaned him up, and took his measurements.  Dawson Crew Gregory weighed 8lbs 6oz and was 20.5 inches long.  Quite a big boy!
Dawson was crying a lot as they were cleaning him up.  The doctor said he had a grunt when he cried which meant that he wasn't breathing very well because amniotic fluid was still in his lungs.  They had to take Dawson to the NICU right away to take care of the problem.  However, they did let me hold him for one minute before taking him.
Dave stayed with the baby the whole time he was in the NICU.  I remained in the Labor & Delivery room to get all cleaned up.  It was kind of strange though, because after awhile I found myself all alone in the room for quite some time.  I always pictured being able to hold my baby for a long time with Dave after giving birth, but instead I was just in a room alone.  I spent the time calling my family members to tell them about Dawson's arrival.  The nurses then came for me to take me to the Mother & Baby floor.  They said Dawson was doing really good now and would meet me in my new room shortly.  The nurses had to wheel me down to my new room because I was still pretty numb from the epidural.  The Mother & Baby room was also really nice and calming.  Apparently we got one of the four big rooms, lucky us!  After Dawson got released from the NICU, they took him to give him a bath.  Finally, almost four hours after giving birth I was able to be with my sweet baby- completly healthy and clean.

Becoming a mother is such an incredible feeling.  It's amazing how you automatically have so much love for someone you've just met.  Dave and I were both overcome with emotion from the whole experience.  We love Dawson and we are so glad he has joined our family.
Our stay in the hospital was actually really pleasant.  All the nurses I had were incredibly kind and helpful.  The room service food was pretty good too.  I'm not sure Dave loved the pull out chair/couch to sleep on, but he was a good sport.  We stayed nearly the full 48 hours and came home on Thursday afternoon.  It's kind of hard to believe that they let you just leave with your baby when you have no idea what you're doing.  The car ride home made us a little nervous, but we did make it home safely (to a 51 degree house- the heat was off the whole time we were gone).
So, was it worth it?  Absolutely.  Would I do it again?  Sure, after I have a few years to forget.  To be honest, the pregnancy and labor were not that bad at all for me.  The worst part for me has been the recovery.  It has been fairly painful and uncomfortable, but it does get better each day. 

We love our little boy and we learn more each day about how to take care of him.  He has already brought so much joy into our home.  We are grateful to be trusted with him and we will always treasure the memory of his birth.