November Morning

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Our 3 Year Anniversary!

Dave and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary on April 2, 2013!  As we've reflected on our past year of marriage it has definitely brought about the most challenges and happiness as Dawson has entered our lives.  We're grateful for the strong bond and commitment we have to one another to face the new changes in our lives.

We are so thankful for my sister, Jennifer, for providing us with some free babysitting this past week.  On our actual anniversary Jennifer watched Dawson while we went to dinner at Red Lobster and attended the temple to remember the covenants we've made.

Jennifer also watched Dawson for us overnight this weekend so we could have a little getaway.  We left Saturday afternoon for our fun adventure.  We started off by going to Home Depot.  Is it so sad that we have to spend part of our "getaway" running errands?  We just never get a chance to go to the store together so we went to Home Depot,Walmart, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  The real fun started when we got to Park City.  We started by doing some shopping at the outlet mall.  We each got a few things to spruce up our wardrobes.  I think the last time we went shopping together for fun was when I was still pregnant.  

Then we headed to our hotel to check in.  We splurged to stay at a really nice place and get a luxury suite.  We stayed at the Newpark Hotel which is part of a developing shopping center.  Our room was amazing- definitely the nicest place we have ever stayed!

I loved the fireplace!  It was so warm, relaxing, and romantic.

We were in love with the bathroom!  We wish we knew how to (and could afford to) redo ours at home to look like this.

The best part of all was that our room had a balcony with a private hot tub!  How fun is that?

This is the view we had from the hot tub!  The weather was fairly chilly/rainy the whole time we were there which made the hot tub even more enjoyable.

After we checked in and decided we should move into this hotel room, Dave surprised me with an anniversary gift.  He got me a beautiful necklace.  I don't own a single piece of nice jewelry other than my wedding ring, so this was such a nice surprise for me!  I think it is gorgeous and I feel so lucky to have a husband who would think to get me something so lovely.

Later, we headed out for dinner.  Dave and I aren't the most adventurous when it comes to trying new places around home, but everything is new to us in Park City so we took a gamble with a restaurant called The Lift.  It is inside of a bowling alley that is part of the shopping center.  A bowling alley restaurant doesn't sound very appetizing (I was thinking of something like the food bar at Miracle Bowl in Orem) but oh my goodness, this place is amazing!!!  First of all the bowling alley is completely glamorous with leather couches, a huge bar, an arcade, a humongous TV screen and viewing area, a private bowling room you can rent, and then the beautiful "The Lift" restaurant. 

 Dave and I both ordered the Smokehouse Burger and it is literally THE BEST burger we have ever had in our lives!  The burger is house made with three different types of ground meet, cooked to perfection, and topped with barbecue sauce, brisket, jack cheese, onion rings (not on Dave's), and served on a pretzel bun.  Seriously, so good.

After having the culinary treat of our lives, we headed back to the hotel to enjoy the hot tub!

We also really enjoyed the luxury of sleeping consistently and for as long as we wanted for the first time in 5 1/2 months.  When we woke up we went in the hot tub again (wish I could wake up like that every day) and then had a yummy breakfast at Kneaders which was pretty much right under our room.  

We seriously had the most fun we have had in a very long time!  Nothing beats a chance to escape reality and take the time to enjoy being with your best friend doing things you hardly ever get a chance to do!  This was definitely the best way to start another year of marriage!


  1. Jessica! You guys stayed in the same hotel Cole and I honeymooned at haha. It looks like you had so much fun, and I totally get why you ran errands on a date night. Happy Anniversary you two :)