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Sunday, April 7, 2013

We LOVE Dawson!

Well, Dawson is growing from a tiny newborn to a big baby right before our eyes.  I have pictures and memories from 2 months to now (5 1/2 months) that I want to highlight and remember always.

Dawson went from absolutely hating baths to loving them.  As a newborn he would scream and scream any time he had a bath.  Here he is around 2 months fairly calm in the tub (I love his little fist).  

Around 4 months he gained an absolute love for the tub.  He will splash, kick, squeal, and just have the best time!  Dawson gets a bath every night before bed.  We have to bathe him often because he spits up so much.

Also, about a week after Dawson turned 4 months old he learned to roll over.  I was worried that he wouldn't ever learn because he hates to be on his tummy.  Our doctor told us that babies usually roll from tummy to back first because it is easier.  Well, Dawson learned to roll from back to tummy.  He still can't do it the other way around. 

Then, he only lasts for about 15 seconds before he has had enough of being on his tummy.  

And this is how he ends up.  Face down, screaming in complete frustration.

It's so funny to watch him try to roll over when he is under his activity mat because he often gets stuck!

I also tried feeding him rice cereal for the first time around 4 months.  This picture pretty much sums up how the experience went.
When we went to the doctor for his 4 month check up, he actually recommended that we wait until 6 months to feed Dawson rice cereal.  So, we'll give it another try in a couple of weeks.

Poor Dawson has spent much of his existence being sick.  He has had both RSV and Bronchiolitis as well as several colds.  It's no fun for any of us when he is sick.  His sickness has definitely disrupted his night time sleeping schedule.  He'll be sleeping really well for a few nights and then he always seems to get sick which completely ruins all the progress he's made.  Oh well.  He currently sleeps from around 9pm to 4-5am with one wake-up time in between.  We just give him his binky though and he is pretty good to go back to sleep. When he wakes up between 4-5am we give him a bottle and then he will go back to sleep until about 7:30am.  Then, he is awake for the day. 

That suits us fine during the week because we're up and ready to go at that time, but on the weekends it's kind of annoying.

Despite his sickness, Dawson is a vigorous eater and is definitely a big boy.  At 5 1/2 months he is wearing his 9 month clothes.  He also measures in the 80th percentile for about everything.  Right now he weighs 20 pounds and is 28 inches long. 

 Dawson finally started recognizing his bottle about a month ago.  He will now get excited and anxious when he sees his bottle.  He is also very good though to be calm while he watches his bottle being made.  Unfortunately the end of a bottle is always disappointing to Dawson.  He is so sad and cries after each bottle runs out.  I know he can't be hungry still because the doctor said we already feed him too much.   He's going to be one of those teenage boys that increases the grocery bill by hundreds of dollars :)

Dawson is such a happy boy!  We love, love, love his laugh and smile!  He is so much fun to be around!  I love moments when the three of us sit together on the couch and just play and act silly.  We definitely love our little boy.

Dawson also loves to play with his toys. 

From about 1 1/2 months even to now Dawson loves to play under his activity mat.  It has been fun to watch his coordination develop as he "gets the kitty"

Around 2 months he also started to play in a bouncer.

I've also tried from day one to push his minky on him.  I just think it would be so cute if he loved it and carried it everywhere with him.

 Now, he loves his stuffed animal Mr.Fox.  He will grab it and play with it, but mostly he likes to eat it.

Then, he'll just abandon ship and go for the fingers.

Dawson also loves to jump!  He jumps all the time so we got him a Jumperoo.  He will play in his Jumperoo usually for at least 30 minutes and sometimes longer.  We've even found him asleep in it a couple of times.

I also took Dawson for his first walk a few weeks ago.  I'm not sure that he loved it but I'm looking forward to the summer so we can go on many walks together.

Our walk put him right to sleep.

Mostly we just love Dawson!  He is the cutest thing and such a great addition to our family!

Here is Dawson all grown up at 5 1/2 months full of life, smiles, and giggles!
We love you sweet boy!

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  1. I agree that Dawson is the cutest grandbaby boy ever. (Of course, I am not biased being his grandmother!)