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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dave's 29th Birthday!

This year Dave celebrated his 29th birthday!  While he was at work, Dawson and I stayed busy preparing for the birthday festivities that evening.  

Right before I was expecting Dave to be home, I received a phone call from him saying that he had been in a car accident.  Talk about bad luck- who gets into an accident on his birthday?  There were thankfully no injuries, but because of that it took police a long time to respond to the accident because they were "busy".  Also a positive was the fact that it was 100% the other driver's fault, so we didn't have to pay anything to repair the Corolla.  

Needless to say, our birthday evening plans were thrown off a couple of hours.  When Dave finally returned home we went out to eat at what Dave considers the best place on Earth: IHOP.  I do my best to put on a smile and not make any negative comments every year when he chooses to eat there.  After dinner, we came and opened presents and ate Dave's requested treat of no-bake cookies (I married a simple man).

Besides what he bought himself, I surprised Dave with some new shirts since he recently gave a bunch away to the DI.  And yes, I made him take a picture with each one :)

Gift cards and money from family

Dave's birthday didn't go at all like planned, but we tried to make the most of it and ended up having a fun evening as a family.  Happy Birthday Dave!

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