November Morning

Friday, November 29, 2013

Laundry Room

I have been wanting to spruce up our laundry room for a long time.  We made it a goal to complete our laundry room project before the summer was over.  We started by clearing everything out, doing a quick clean, and taking the large utility shelf down.  

After Dave took the shelf down, he realized that we wouldn't be able to put it back up because the holes in the wall were too big and new, large holes would have to be created.  (I don't think it was ever meant to be taken down but it would have been tricky to paint around.)  Well, that led us to installing cupboards instead.  Cupboards look nicer and hide everything anyway so it turned out to be a good thing.

We painted the room a rich, milk chocolate brown.  Since we have white appliances and light flooring, the brown really allows everything to pop!  I absolutely love painting small rooms because the job gets done quick and isn't too exhausting.

It was cheaper to get prefabricated cupboards so we bought two at Home Depot with a plan to build shelves in the middle.
The left cupboard has a hanging bar too, but it was all banged up so we had to get a new one and I took these pictures before we got the replacement. :)

Here is a current picture.  The cupboards also make great shelves for our laundry baskets.  (This is not a laundry room for short people.)

We also made a few other improvements...

A shoe rack for outside/dirty shoes.  Since the laundry room is right off the garage, it's a great place to keep dirty shoes without tracking dirt and grass into the house.  Somehow though, this has turned into a Dave only shoe rack (don't even get me started about Dave's shoes).

A hanging rack for large cleaning tools.  By the way, the Shark steam mop on the left is definitely one of my best purchases of the year!  It cleans so much better than the Swiffer we had.

A drain tub to catch water in the event that the washer starts leaking.

Hooks on the back of the door with large laundry bags for outside clothes and kitchen laundry.

This is probably my favorite house project so far because the improvements have actually made my life easier.  I love having a designated place for everything so that the house stays orderly and clean. 
Go Team Gregory!

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