November Morning

Sunday, December 1, 2013

5th Grade Preparations

This Summer I also spent a lot of time getting ready for the upcoming school year.  I decided to make a change and teach 5th grade.  This meant moving classrooms and redecorating.  I've never been one to have a theme for my classroom, mostly because I think they end up looking really tacky and busy but I decided to go for a theme this time around.  I chose a patriotic them to reflect the American studies of the 5th grade Social Studies Curriculum.

I used a cute patriotic border to frame these pocket charts for Mountain Math and Language.  I also made a cute bunting for the window.

I love the little decoration under the whiteboard.  It's hard to see here, but there are cute little American flags on twine.

I really wanted a director's chair for Read Aloud.  Since there is no carpet for the students to gather on, I needed a tall chair so I could see them all while reading.  Well, I found out that director's chairs are actually quite pricey but I ended up finding one listed on KSL and picked it up for only $10.  Later I was able to buy the seat and backing for only $10 as well!

Love the way this turned out!  I've since added the title to the blue section.  The left is my focus wall, the middle is a great math bulletin board idea I found on Pinterest, and the right is an organizational system for guided reading.

I also made a lot of cute patriotic art to frame.  It happened to be the 4th of July as I was putting all of this together, so there were a ton of free patriotic printables online that I decided to use as decorations.  I bought all the frames at the dollar store and then spray painted them red, white, or blue.  Then I used patriotic ribbon to hang them.  So cute!

This is my writing wall that I made using plastic plates from the dollar store.  It has a bit more to it now, but this was the start.

Patriotic paper balls- $0.75 each on clearance after the 4th of July!

I made this cute candy jar using a flower pot, glass bowl, and a door knob.

I have never had many family pictures in my classroom before, but I decided to change that.  I hung all of these pictures on twine using mini clothespins.  It is seriously adorable!

I also spent a long time making cursive Word Wall letters and backing them on red or blue paper.

I have absolutely loved teaching fifth grade!  It has been a healthy change for me.  The curriculum is exciting and the age group is a lot of fun.  I do spend quite a bit of time preparing lessons since it's all new to me, but it will be worth it next year!  

Here is a beautiful picture of me on Colonial Day.  My mother was nice enough to make me this outfit.  Gotta love dress up days.

Jessica's 26th Birthday!

This year I celebrated my 26th birthday.  Dave, Dawson, and I celebrated a day early since my birthday was on a Sunday.  On Saturday we drove up to Sandy to eat at Pei Wei.  We also did some shopping and I got some new clothes.  Later I did some online shopping and bought four new pairs of shoes!  My real birthday was a pretty low key day spent at church and home.  My mom and sister were there to celebrate with us as well because my sister got married just a few days later.

Hooray for presents!  I actually waited to open ALL of my gifts on my birthday since I knew we wouldn't be able to go anywhere and do something fun.

My mom made me a German chocolate cake- my favorite!

Gorgeous day for a birthday with my sweet little family!

Here's to another year and making more great memories with those I love!

Summer Trip

Dawson and I made a trip out to Colorado around the end of July.  We had a good time with my family.  The trouble with blogging five months after the trip is that I don't remember specifics, but I know we had a good time.  Luckily I have some pictures to help jar my memory.

 I spent a lot of time with my brothers on this trip which was different and fun.
 I love sitting around the fire and having smores!

Jason and I had the opportunity to see a Cirque Du Soleil show which was really cool.  It's amazing what those people can do!

(They were pretty strict about no inside photography so that's why I don't have any cool pics.)

We went to my grandparents' house in Manassa for the 24th of July. Dawson had his first long road trip.

He started out happy.

Then got angry.

Then fell asleep.

And the cycle repeated.

Here we are melting at the parade.

We also made a trip to see Grandma Mary (my childhood babysitter) so she could meet Dawson!

We also spent some quality time hanging around the house with my family.

 Dawson learned to clap on our trip!

Hooray for Summer travels!