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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Gregory Family Pictures 2013

Just before we left for Colorado for Christmas we were finally able to squeeze in family pictures for 2013.  We literally had the pictures taken just hours before our flight left so we had a super busy day.  We went for a red and blue theme this year which I think turned out pretty cute!

Taking pictures was fun for about five minutes.  After that, Dawson decided he wasn't really interested in taking pictures.  Mostly, he just hates to be confined or held so you can imagine that our fun family picture session quickly turned into quite the chore.  We did the best we could but after about 30 minutes we had to call it quits.  Luckily our photographer only charged us for 30 minutes even though we had scheduled an hour of time.  Despite all of Dawson's antics, we got some great pictures.  Enjoy!

This is our favorite family picture from the session.

Cutest picture ever of Dave and Dawson!

With me, on the other hand, we can never get a good one of Dawson.  This was literally our best mommy and me picture.

Such a stud!  Yay Dawson!

Love you sweetheart!

Those are the good pictures we got in between the ones that follow...

Here's to many more years of family pictures!

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  1. haha sometimes the bad pictures are the best though! Love the one with the drool. You look great, Jessica and Dawson is a cutie!! I miss you!