November Morning

Friday, July 11, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fun Easter this year.  We went to church and had a nice ham dinner.

Mom and Dawson ready for church.

While there was no egg dying this year, there was a fun egg hunt for Dawson.  Plastic eggs were spread out across our backyard lawn for Dawson to gather.  Upon squeezing one egg a little too hard, it popped open and treats were revealed.  That led to a lot more egg squeezing and treat eating.

Pictures after the hunt...

Of course, a fun and cute picture of Dave and Dawson taken on the first try.

And then a couple of awesome attempts with me.  Never fails.

Dawson also got a big ball from the Easter Bunny!

Can't wait for next Easter- I already bought all the supplies we will need on clearance after Easter was over this year.  Egg dying here we come!

All the fun we've been having this year!

We have had a lot of fun as a family this year!  I certainly don't remember the exact dates and places for everything, but I do remember the sweet feelings and memories of enjoying my family.

A boy and his toys!  
Dawson loves the push motorcycle from Grandma Julie and Grandpa Keith.  He also loves the farm toy behind him.  It is so cute to watch him dance to the music the farm toy makes.

Dawson also loves his blocks and My Table.

Dawson also likes to read books with anyone who will indulge him.  This was a rare occurrence to catch him reading alone.

Toy Stores!
I really enjoy taking Dawson to toy stores.  He has so much fun running from toy to toy, smiling and laughing the whole time.

Play Places!
McDonald's is always fun with Dawson.  He loves french fries, chicken nuggets, bbq sauce, ketchup, and pop!  
Dawson also loves to climb up slides, instead of go down them.  I don't know how many times another child has said to him, "No no baby, you are going the wrong way!".

The Mall!
I love that so many malls have these fun places for kids to play.  It's the perfect break after watching Mommy shop!

The Park!
Dawson doesn't quite understand how to "do" the things at the park, but he has a fun time nonetheless.

Nothing beats picking up wood chips and throwing them on the slide.

Hooray for splash pad areas too!

And fun toys to ride!

Cool Places to See!
One day we went to Scheels and Cabela's.  Scheels is one of the most fun and unique places I have been in a long time.  It has a million sporting good items, a sweet shop, a couple of restaurants, a Ferris wheel, cute clothes, cool fish tanks, really neat stuffed animals, and tons of other things.  Cabela's was a huge let down after Scheels but we still had a good time.

We also had fun on our trip to the new aquarium.  My favorite part was definitely the penguins.  There were so many and they were really active.  We also liked watching the otters.

Home Depot

Getting Messy!
(I assure you the mess was much more saucy and sticky in real life.)

Shaved Ice

Making Trouble!
This event was the final straw that led us to one of our best purchases- magnetic cabinet locks!

Uh-oh!  A phrase commonly used by Dawson that sums up this situation.

Bath Time!
Lots and lots of fun is had in the tub.  Dawson loves to splash, slam dunk, blow bubbles, play with bubbles, kick, sometimes slip, sometimes fall out of the tub, and be loud!

What's a boy to do after all of that?  Sleep!

Christmas 2013

Yes, it's true, I'm having a case of Christmas in July.  I finally have the time to update the blog so I'm starting with reporting on Christmas nearly seven months later.  This past Christmas we did our own little family celebration before we headed to Colorado.  We opened gifts from each other and other family members that had been sent to our house.  

We also have a tradition of buying one new Christmas tree ornament each year for every member of the family.  I tell Dave that he can pick out what he likes, but it has to be red and white and it has to look nice.  So, that basically translates to me picking out all of the ornaments (control freak!).  However, I absolutely love the cute Santas we got this year!

Here are some cute pictures of my two handsome boys in their Sunday best, close to Christmas.

Then we flew to my parents' house in Colorado.  Everyone was home for Christmas including the newest addition to our family, Jennifer's husband Kyle.

We had a good time celebrating with my family and continuing on with Picardo family Christmas traditions.  Christmas morning is always lots of fun and now it is even more fun with Dawson.  He had a great time playing with his new toys!

While he was young for this puzzle at the time, this is now one of his favorite toys!  Mommy and Daddy are glad that the batteries have worn out so it no longer makes sound though. :)

Pound-a-Peg and stacking blocks!

Dawson devoured a whole bag of Panda cookies from his stocking before breakfast.

Dawson got cute little monkey slippers.  Unfortunately, I think he threw one away in the fun trash can.  We have yet to find the missing slipper.

Dawson was also really great about being gentle with the Christmas tree.  Let's hope we have the same luck this year.

We had a great time celebrating with my family!

Mom and Dad

Kyle and Jennifer

Jason and Jeremy

Dawson loves playing with his uncles.  He had lot of fun playing basketball with Jeremy!

Our cute family!
Merry Christmas from the Gregory's!
December 25, 2013