November Morning

Friday, July 11, 2014

Easter 2014

We had a fun Easter this year.  We went to church and had a nice ham dinner.

Mom and Dawson ready for church.

While there was no egg dying this year, there was a fun egg hunt for Dawson.  Plastic eggs were spread out across our backyard lawn for Dawson to gather.  Upon squeezing one egg a little too hard, it popped open and treats were revealed.  That led to a lot more egg squeezing and treat eating.

Pictures after the hunt...

Of course, a fun and cute picture of Dave and Dawson taken on the first try.

And then a couple of awesome attempts with me.  Never fails.

Dawson also got a big ball from the Easter Bunny!

Can't wait for next Easter- I already bought all the supplies we will need on clearance after Easter was over this year.  Egg dying here we come!

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