November Morning

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Dawson's First Swimming Lessons

The day after I got back from New York, Dawson started swimming lessons.  I signed him up for a "Parent and Me" class at the Provo Recreational Center.  His class was Monday-Thursday for two weeks.  There were about 10 kids in his class.

We had a lot of fun doing swimming lessons.  At first, Dawson was a bit scared by the water, but he warmed up to it.  The objective of this class is to get the children comfortable with the water.  We sang lots of songs with actions, played with rubber ducks, and practiced jumping into the pool.  My favorite part was a song where you are supposed to dunk your child at the end.  There are few things more hilarious than seeing ten shocked and angry faces coming up from a surprise dunk!

Swimming lessons with Dawson was one of the highlights of my Summer.  It was fun to watch him progress throughout the course.  I love my little swimmer!

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