November Morning

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Outdoor Fun: Grill, Pool, Fence, and Bikes!

We started our summer out with some outdoor fun purchases!  Now that we have a backyard that is not filled with waist high weeds, we decided it would actually be enjoyable to barbecue.  We purchased a grill and have really enjoyed using it over the summer.  Dave has become our expert grill master (in training) and has cooked up everything from burgers and bratwursts, to grilled chicken!  Meat just tastes so much better on a grill.

Dawson loves being outdoors!  We decided to get him a fun pool for the summer.  I'm not sure he actually had very much fun with it though.  He is somewhat timid around the pool.  Hopefully, he'll enjoy it more next year.

We also got our backyard completely fenced in!  It looks great and definitely serves its purpose.  I'ts nice to have some privacy and to not have all of the trash the wind blows around in our yard.

Last but certainly not least, we got bikes!  Since Dave and I both have summer birthdays, we decided to get bikes for our birthday presents this year.  I also spent a lot of time researching what to get for Dawson that would attach to Dave's bike.  I decided on a bike seat that actually goes in the front instead of the back.  This is really cool because Dawson has a great view and he probably feels like he's the one in control because he even has his own handle bars.  We have had so much fun going on family bike rides!

Jessica's bike

Dave's bike

All of these new things have made our summer extra fun!  We know we will get many years of enjoyment as a family from them!

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