November Morning

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Summer Fun- Mommy and Dawson

It was great to spend my summer with Dawson!  He became my little shadow.  We had lots of fun doing fun things around our area and house.

One day we went to the Bean Museum at BYU.  Dawson loved it!  He loves animals and making animal sounds.

We also went to the duck pond.  Birds are one of Dawson's favorite things.  Every time we go outside we look for birds.  Even when we drive in the car, Dawson will say "bird" as he spots them in the sky.

Maybe we spent some time in pajamas taking selfies too.

We also spent plenty of time at the mall shopping, playing in the play area, and riding the coin cars.

Of course I have the best helper with household chores as well.

We spent lots of time just playing in the backyard or at parks.

We also went raspberry picking.  Although we got pretty scratched up we had a good time.  Dawson wasn't too sure about the raspberries at first, but after awhile he loved them!  You'll notice that none of them quite made it into his pail.

 The raspberry patch was next to some deer.  Once Dawson saw them, I couldn't get him interested in the raspberries again.  He just kept chasing them and saying, "moo".  What do deer say anyway?

Dawson and I had lots of fun this summer.  I love to wake up to his smiling face.  He is full of light and energy.  I look forward to many more summers with my sweet boy!

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