November Morning

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Dawson's First Haircut

Well, we have really enjoyed Dawson's cute curls as his hair has grown out.  He took forever to really grow any hair at all so we held on to his long locks for as long as we could.  However, I wanted his hair to be cut and look polished for upcoming family pictures so we took Dawson to get his first haircut.

Here's our cute, happy, long haired boy.  Notice his curls sticking out from behind his ear.

Then the nightmare began.  He didn't want the apron on him or anyone touching him.

 The nightmare continues.  No sucker could placate our Dawson boy.

 We finally just gave up and endured the haircut.  He screamed, cried, hit, and kicked.  He was so sweaty by the time it was all over.  We didn't even get a picture of him afterward because we were so ready to leave and leave everyone else in peace.

It took some time to be ready to endure haircut number two, but here is a cute picture from the aftermath of time number two.  Gotta love the little red faux hawk.

Since this time, we have endured several more unpleasant haircuts but each one has gotten better.  His most recent haircut (12/2015) was actually a delight.  Dawson sat in the chair all by himself and allowed the woman to cut his hair without any problems.  One childhood feat conquered!

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