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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Front Yard Beautification

Toward the end of April we decided to start working on our yard project for the year.  This year our goal is to finish off the front yard by adding bushes and trees to the dirt beds and putting a garden along the side of our house.

We began by scouting out Home Depot for plants that we liked.  We bought three different types of bushes and one type of miniature pine tree.  We also bought several bags of dark brown mulch and lots of weed screen.  This took us multiple trips to Home Depot because our cars can only hold so much at one time but we eventually got everything we needed to our house.

We started by raking the dirt beds to make them more level and picked out large rocks.  Then we dug holes for all of the trees and bushes.  After that we planted all of trees and bushes with fertilizer sticks.  Next we rolled out the weed screen and nailed it in place and cut around all of plants.  This took awhile because it was pretty windy but we got it done.  The last step was to add the mulch.  Dave did a great job too of getting the drip line set up to water our new plants. 

We love the way it turned out!  It gives our house a lot more curb appeal.

In June we had finally recovered from this project and decided to tackle the side of the house in order to plant a garden.  Well, the side of the house was a jungle of weeds but my family helped Dave pull them all out when they were here visiting one weekend.  After that we raked out the dirt to level it out and picked out large rocks.  I like the idea of an organized and contained garden so I wanted to plant in garden boxes.  We found garden boxes at Sam's Club and bought two of them.  Later we went back for a third because we liked the product and had the space.

We again covered the dirt with weed screen and nailed it into place.  The garden boxes were easy to assemble and Dawson had fun handing the pieces to Dave.  Then we put Miracle-Gro soil into each section of the garden boxes and planted the seeds.  Dawson tried to help with this too, but his help wasn't exactly appreciated.  We planted pumpkins, squash, zucchini, peas, carrots, radishes, and cucumbers.  Dave again set up the drip line to water the garden.

It was exciting to see some sprouts after just a couple of weeks!

I really enjoyed watching the garden grow over the summer.  I think we were all kind of surprised that anything grew at all!  You can see in this picture that we put the third garden box in the empty space toward the front of the house.  We also added a stone walk way and mulch to fill in the surrounding space.  We are so glad we will never have a jungle of weeds here again!

Our garden grew really well and spread out much farther than we expected.  Next year we'll know better how to plant the seeds so that we don't have too much growing in our small area.

Here is some of the delicious produce we enjoyed!

Sadly we did not get any pumpkins or zucchini out of our garden.  We ended up with one cucumber but it never grew into much of anything.  Our best crop was the radishes.  It was fun to teach Dawson about growing vegetables and have him start enjoying some of them.  He liked eating the green candies (peas) the best!  I'm looking forward to doing the garden again next year with a little more knowledge and experience.

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