November Morning

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Jessica's 27th Birthday

Well, here I am nearly a year and a half later trying to catch up on all that has happened.  I've made a list of all the blog posts I want to do and it seems I left off at my 27th birthday.

Of course I had to work on birthday.  My birthday always lands in the first few days of the school year- usually a boring teacher in-service day.  This year my birthday was on a teacher work day which actually isn't too bad.  I treated myself to lunch at Burger King because their chicken fries are back (now they are a permanent item) and I just love them!  I also love their Hershey pies too!  I had to stay extra late at work because it was our Back to School Night/ Open House.  When I got home, we had fun opening presents and went to a delicious dinner at Los Hermanos.

Happy 27 years to me!

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