November Morning

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

SLC Connect Pass: Discovery Gateway Children's Museum

We were able to go to the Discovery Gateway Children's Museum a few times this year.  The following pictures are a compilation of all of those times.  On the day we went to use our SLC Connect Passes, it was the one day a year they aren't valid because it was their anniversary party day.  We weren't too happy to hear that, but we stayed anyway and Dawson and I used the passes at a later date.

This children's museum is lots of fun and Dawson has a great time exploring and playing here!  One of his favorite things is the water feature.  The first time I took him here, he got soaked!  It was cold too, so when we left I took off his shirt and just put on his coat.  I learned to bring a change of clothes when going here in the future.

Dawson also likes to play with a structure that has a bunch of tubes and balls.  Air travels through the tubes that sucks in the balls and sends them to various exits.

Dawson has lots of fun at the helicopter pad too!

He also likes all of the pretend adult play.

We look forward to more fun trips here in the future!

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