November Morning

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

SLC Connect Pass: Museum of Ancient Life

Our second family adventure using our Salt Lake City Connect Passes was to the Museum of Ancient Life.  I have been here on quite a few field trips but it was my first time going with my family.  I was excited to see Dawson's reaction to all of the huge dinosaurs.  Dave and I enjoyed exploring the museum with Dawson and watching him play in the many hands-on exhibits.

One of the coolest things there is a large water table that has sand and toy dinosaurs for the kids to play in.  Dawson and Dave had a good time playing with the dinosaurs.

Dawson and I had fun playing too!

Another thing Dawson loved was the dig site where the kids can uncover dinosaur bones.

Of course the gift shop toys were a big hit too and we're suckers for our little boy so he left with a bucket of dinosaurs.

 Naturally, all that fun tuckered Dawson out.  What a great day!

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