November Morning

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Study Makeover

Toward the end of March we decided we were ready for a new house project.  We have finished the entire downstairs minus the study.  The study has accumulated a fair amount of junk over the years so it took us some time to gut the room down to its bare essentials.

All that was left in the room was the computer desk and a bookshelf.

The reason it has taken us so long to get around to doing the study is because we haven't been able to find the right desk in the right shape and color.  Dave really wanted to get an L shaped desk and I really wanted it to be black and have a hutch.  It turns out that this is a fairly impossible combination to find in a reasonable price range.  However, we finally found a desk online that suited our preferences and purchased it.  The only downside is that we (or Dave) would have to put it together.

Each section of the desk had about a million pieces and easily took over the family room.

Dave and I put the filing cabinet together in a couple of hours one night and then Dave put the desk together.  Although it took some time and patience, we love the results!

In the mean time we painted the study the same green as our kitchen and I ordered some pretty curtains.  We are really proud of the finished product!

Now we can actually keep the study doors open because it doesn't just look like a junk room.  I'm ready to get a few decorations and diploma frames to finish the room off!

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