November Morning

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Thanksgiving 2014

We had a great Thanksgiving this year!  For the past few years we have eaten our Thanksgiving meal at Tucano's.  It's a fun treat for us.  We made later reservations this year because we were planning on driving up to Park City for the rest of the Thanksgiving weekend afterward.  Our meal was delicious and we left quite full!

We then drove up to the Westgate Resort in Park City.  A few years ago we bout a package to stay there for a few days for really cheap but never got around to using it.  Well, we finally decided to use it!  We had a great room with a full kitchen, dining room, family room, bedroom, and bathroom.  It was beautiful!  That night we tried to enjoy swimming at the pool, but it is partially open to the outdoors so it was extremely cold.  We ended up coming back to our room and "swimming" in the bathtub because it was enormous.

The next morning was Black Friday.  We wanted to do some shopping but decided we would just go whenever we got up.  We went to Wal-Mart mid to late morning and were surprised to see that all of the deals were still available and the store was not crowded at all.  We loaded up on all the Blu-rays we didn't get a chance to see throughout the year.  We also went to Best Buy for some more movies and then we headed to the outlet mall.  We decided that Park City will be the destination of our future Black Fridays because it was not crowded and had all the deals readily available that we wanted at a reasonable time of day.  That night we ate at a restaurant in the hotel but ended up having to get our food to go because Dawson was out of control.  We finished up our meal, put Dawson to bed, and then Dave and I took the opportunity to play some card games.

We left the next day.  It was so fun to have a quick getaway.  We love going to Park City and are excited to make it a part of our Thanksgiving traditions!

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