November Morning

Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had a great Christmas this year!  We took Dawson to see Santa for the first time.  We visited Santa at the Springville Library and Dawson went right up to him to sit on his lap.  He told him that he wanted two presents and loved getting a candy cane!

Our Christmas tree turned out great!  

I love adding a few ornaments each year.  These were this year's additions.

This year was particularly fun because Dawson learned all about everything that has to do with Christmas.  He was so excited for all the fun of the season!

On Christmas Eve I made another "fancy" dinner.  I tried my hand at making a beef roast and it turned out pretty good.

I also made mashed potatoes and homemade gravy from the beef drippings.  We had carrots, rolls, and a chocolate turtle cream pie too.

We all enjoyed our yummy dinner!

After dinner, I used some paper nativity figures to tell the story of Jesus' birth.  I told him that the gift we can give Jesus is to be nice and do what is right.  After all this talk of the importance of remembering Jesus at Christmas time I asked Dawson, "Who do we think about at Christmas time?" to which he replied, "Santa".  Well, I tried.

Then Dawson got to open his Christmas Eve present - pajamas!

During the night, Santa visited our house and brought lots of gifts for Dawson.

 We woke up to a white Christmas!

Dawson was so excited to go downstairs and see what Santa brought him as well as finally get to open all the presents under the tree!  He was pretty excited about all that he got, but his favorite presents were Captain America and Thor.

Dawson also loved his Batman Legos that Daddy helped him build.

It was so much fun watching Dawson open all of his presents.  Although he was super excited about his presents, he was good to let Dave and I have turns opening our presents too.  We were all spoiled by our family members and are grateful for all that we were given.

Christmas mess!

Dawson and Mommy
Christmas 2015

Dawson and Daddy
Christmas 2015

After presents we had yummy cinnamon rolls for breakfast.  Later on, we got to Skype with both of my brothers who are serving missions in Brazil.

We spent the rest of the day relaxing, playing with toys, and watching movies.  Merry Christmas!

SLC Connect Pass: The Leonardo and This is the Place

We got our last uses out of our SLC Connect Passes visiting The Leonardo and This is the Place.  I didn't really have high hopes for the Leonardo because online it looked like it was something that was geared toward older children and adults.  I wasn't sure if there would be much for Dawson to do.  However, it is one of the coolest places I have been!  The downstairs has a variety of stations that encourage creativity through art.

Dawson and I painted a Christmas sign.

 We also drew and colored a bird.

Dave and Dawson explored with pattern blocks.

The upstairs level of The Leonardo has lots of things for kids to play with that serve an educational and creative purpose.  Dawson had so much fun!


Creating an electrical circuit!

 Larger than life Legos!

 Light Table

Playing with shadows.  This was awesome because Dawson loves playing with his shadow at home.

There were so many other cool things too.  I actually like this place better than the children's museum.  It has a real emphasis on creativity with activities for people of all ages.

After our time at The Leonardo, we headed over to This is the Place.  Since Dave and I had both been here before we decided to save it until Christmas time to see their special Christmas additions.  It was a super cold night and there wasn't much that was open in the village so we didn't stay long.  Some of the highlights were a live nativity, putting our names on the nice list, listening to a Christmas story, and seeing Santa.

We really enjoyed all of the fun family activities we got to do this year with our SLC Connect Passes!  There were two more activities we could have done but opted not to.  One was going to an art museum but we aren't really that in to art.  The other was a ski lift type of ride at a mountain resort but we decided it wasn't really worth the drive to just do that.  Even without doing those activities though, we definitely got our money's worth and had lots of fun exploring neat attractions in our area.  These passes worked out great for us because they forced us to get out there and try some new things.  I love all the memories we were able to make this year with our passes!

Winter Fun

We have had a lot of fun this winter playing in the snow.  Dawson loves to go out in the snow but doesn't like it if he ends up getting wet.  I finally had to order waterproof gloves off of Amazon because I couldn't find any in the stores around here.  Although playing in the snow isn't my favorite, I love to watch Dawson and make fun winter memories with him.

First snow of the season!

Snow gear!

Snow much fun!  Dawson discovered how delicious snow is but we had to talk about the dangers of yellow snow.

I love my little snow boy!