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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Dawson's Big Boy Room!

Part of preparing for our new baby meant that Dawson needed a big boy room!  We decided to move him to the room down the hall with the bathroom in it.  In order to do this though, a lot of organizing and musical furniture had to happen.  

The bedroom that we wanted Dawson to move into was filled with all of my teaching supplies from the past seven years.  It took me quite a bit of time to go through all of it and decide what was worth keeping, donating, or throwing away.  However, I am proud to say that I got all of what I wanted to keep packed into just a few tubs and boxes that fit nicely in the guest bedroom closet.

The guest bedroom has had two twin beds in it since we moved in that my parents gave us as a housewarming present (also so they would have somewhere to sleep when visiting).  We decided to put those two beds in Dawson's new room which meant there would be no bed in the guest room.  This encouraged us to act on the idea of buying a new bed for our room.  We'd been talking about upgrading to a King bed because we often have a cute little visitor join us during the middle of the night and it gets pretty crowded.  So, we pulled the trigger and bought a new King mattress and bed frame and moved our Queen mattress and bed frame into the guest bedroom.

At this point it was time to decide on a theme for Dawson's room and start buying things!  We decided to go for an Avengers theme because Dawson LOVES the Avengers!  I bought two different Avengers comforters, Avengers sheets, two gray twin bed frames, gray curtains, a book shelf/toy bin, and supplies to make a name sign.  While all those things were arriving at the house, it was time to paint the room.  I chose a light gray color and invited my sister to give me a hand.  (Side note: Dave hates painting so I made a deal with him that if he didn't have to help then I would get to choose our baby's middle name which had been a topic of debate.  Surprisingly he agreed - so excited to welcome Hazel Sage!)

All taped and ready to paint!

Thanks for helping Jennifer!  She was nice enough to do all of the edging so I wouldn't have to use the ladder or crawl on the floor with my pregnant tummy.

 This was my first time buying one of the long handles to attach to the roller and it made painting the large walls so much easier!

I was worried about how the painting would go with Dawson around but he was great!  He played with his toys and didn't get into any of the paint supplies. 

As the things I had ordered began arriving at the house, Dave worked hard to put them all together.  He built the two bed frames, the book shelf/toy bin, and hung the curtain rod.  I made the name sign, washed all the bedding, and ironed the curtains.  We absolutely love the finished result!  We had Dawson's room done just in time for his birthday.

Dawson has transitioned really well into his new room.  He at least starts every night of sleep there and it's nice to have all of his bathroom toys and needs in his own bathroom.  As part of this moving rooms process I also went through all of his old clothes and organized them into tubs by size.  I got all of Dawson's closet items moved into his new closet so the baby closet would be ready for cute baby girl clothes!  This was a huge project but it is so nice to see this bedroom as a functioning part of our home instead of a storage room filled with junk.  

We love to see our little boy growing up and becoming a big boy!

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  1. It's been FOREVER since I've seen you guys and I LOVE getting caught up on your blog! First of all, congrats on the baby! I'm so excited for you guys! And second of all... Dawson's room is fantastic!!! So cute!