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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Family Trip to Oregon

We decided to take a trip to Oregon in August to visit Dave's family.  Due to school, work, and lack of time off we haven't been able to make a trip out to Oregon in a few years.  Dave had one week off in between school semesters and a week of paid time off of work to use as well so we packed up and drove to Oregon.

I've driven to Colorado with Dawson a few times and he does pretty well in the car, but the Oregon trip is longer so we were worried about how he might do.  While he wasn't perfect, he did pretty good for being two and trapped in a car for hours.

We started out our trip in Hermiston where Dave's mom, Julie, and step dad, Keith, live.  We stayed with them for a couple of days and had a great time!  We enjoyed going to the fair with them a lot.  It was Dawson's first time going to a carnival and doing rides.  He loved the rides so much!  As soon as a ride was over he would say, "More!".

I had so many cute pictures from the carnival on my phone, but unfortunately my phone completely stopped working while we were on this trip and the photos were unable to be recovered. :(  Dave only had a couple of pictures of the fair but he let me take over his phone camera after we realized mine was a lost cause.

We had a lot of outdoor fun with Julie and Keith as well.  We went swimming a couple of times to help Dawson work on his new-found anxiety of swimming this year.  He had a lot of fun with Dave in the pool.  Dawson also got to spend time playing in the backyard with whatever he could find and playing with/bothering the dogs.  We also went out on Julie and Keith's boat one afternoon for a fun ride on the Columbia River.  Also, we went to a really fun park one morning that had a splash pad next to it.  Dawson had so much fun!

Grandma Julie and Grandpa Keith also took Dawson to Chuck E. Cheese for the first time which he absolutely loved!

 Playing with Daddy and Grandpa Keith!

For whatever reason, this ride was not a favorite!

After a couple of days with Julie and Keith we headed to Dave's dad's house.  This was Dawson's first time meeting his Grandpa Tom.  We spent the day mostly at Tom's house.  Dawson got to meet his Aunt Lindsey and cousins Savannah and Jericho for the first time too!  We took the kids to McDonald's for lunch and to play.  Then we came back to Tom's house and went swimming in his backyard.

Afterward, Dawson had fun playing with his cousins!

That night Tom prepared a BBQ for us that was delicious!  Dawson also got a cool Batman toy from Aunt Lindsey!

Lindsey and Dave

Dave, Dawson, and Tom: three generations!
August 18, 2015

We spent the night and then Tom took us to breakfast in the morning.  After that we headed to Portland for a family vacation day.  We went to the biggest mall I have ever been to: Clackamas Town Center!  I got to do a little birthday shopping and we walked two enormous levels of stores.  Dawson and Dave took the opportunity to ride one of the mall animals around.

Then we went to a nice hotel and got some pizza for dinner.  We went swimming in the pool after dinner and had a lot of fun!  We somehow scored a room and a half with three huge beds too which made relaxing in the room really nice.  The next morning we ate breakfast at the hotel and headed to Dave's grandma's house.

While there Dawson had a nice time with Great Grandma Mary, Bob, and Great Aunt Jan.  Mary spoiled Dawson with a TON of toys!  Dawson had so much fun playing with loads of trucks, cars, and blocks.  I also got to go "shopping" in the basement for some household goods and Mary gave me her sewing machine.

We also got to go to another fair with more carnival rides for Dawson!

 All that fun tuckered Dawson out!

After a couple of great days with Mary, Bob, and Jan we headed back to Hermiston to stay the night with Julie and Keith before we left for home the next morning.  They took us out to a nice steak dinner and then we went to an arcade to play.

 Dawson, Dave, Julie, and Keith: three generations!
August 22, 2015

The next morning we made the long drive back to our home with a carload of treasures.  We had such a great time with all of Dave's family.  Dawson was super spoiled by loving family members and we all made some good memories!

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