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Thursday, January 7, 2016

San Francisco Trip

In mid October I went on a weekend getaway trip to San Francisco with my dear friend Alexa.  We had so much fun!  Unfortunately Dawson started coming down with something on the day I left so Dave had to deal with a sick little boy.  Dawson and Dave dropped me off at the Provo Airport on a Friday afternoon.  San Francisco happens to be one of the few destinations you can go to from this airport so I got a great deal!

When I arrived at the Oakland Airport, Alexa picked me up and we went to eat dinner at a diner called Fenton's.  We had burgers and ice cream and Alexa got a doll sized cup of water to wash it all down with (something about water conservation, but it was ridiculous).  Then we drove to The Marina Inn where we would be staying.  We had a lot of fun talking and catching up that night.

Meanwhile I got a text with this picture from Dave.  While at the store that night getting medicine for Dawson, Dave was somehow suckered into a "get well" toy.

Poor little guy passed out on stairs too!

The next morning we got at chance to take a look at the marina our hotel was located on.  It was quite picturesque.  This was also the best we looked all day.

Then we drove into San Francisco for the day.

Pier 39 with all of the seals!  They were entertaining to watch.

Before the trip we purchased San Francisco Passes (similar to the SLC Connect Pass) that allowed us to do four activities of our choice.  The first activity we did was take a boat cruise that went to the Golden Gate Bridge and around Alcatraz.

Golden Gate Bridge

The wind eventually got the better of us!

The view of Alcatraz from the boat.

Then we ate lunch at Boudin Bakery which is famous for its sour dough bread.  It was nice to have warm soup in fresh bread bowls after our windy and chilly boat ride.  

We weren't the only ones eating well.  Dave took advantage of the opportunity to go out to breakfast with Dawson at Black Bear Diner.

He also completed a few things on the "To Do" list I left for him including putting the crib back together.

After our lunch we headed for our second activity which was a bus ride around San Francisco with a tour guide.  This was my first time being in one of those double decker buses so I was pretty excited to see the city from the top level.  As it turned out our bus ride was lacking in a tour guide so our bus driver unhappily fulfilled two roles.  He was the worst tour guide and bus driver ever, but it was the funniest two hours ever due to close calls with traffic and pedestrians and grumblings about everything!  Alexa and I barely escaped with our lives and we learned nothing of value, but it was probably the most fun we had on the whole trip.

That night we did our third activity which was the Dungeons of San Francisco.  This was a live theater experience that explored some of early San Francisco's shadier characters.

After that we were pretty well exhausted so we headed back toward the hotel, grabbed some Taco Bell, and relaxed in our beds.

The next morning we drove back into San Francisco.  After quite a bit of time we eventually got on the double decker bus again to ride it to the Cheesecake Factory.  We had a very different experience from the day before.  Our drive was safe and informative which was great, but we did miss the fun of the prior day.  Our lunch was delicious and we walked around looking at some of the huge stores.

Then we did our fourth activity which was the Aquarium of the Bay.  This was a fairly small aquarium but it was just the right size for us because we were so tired of walking.  We had fun taking pictures with everything we could find!

Alexa convinced me to get under this thing for a fun picture but then I could barely get out!

After the aquarium we did a little bit of gift shopping and then headed back to the hotel.  We changed into comfortable clothes and went to a movie followed by a late night dinner at In-N-Out.  We both slept great that night and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning.  After breakfast, Alexa dropped me off at the airport and Dave picked me up in Provo later that afternoon.

It was so much fun to get away from my real life for a weekend.  I miss Alexa a ton since she moved so it was great to catch up with her and just have tons of fun without kids.  The long weekend was just the right amount of time to recharge and it was great to be with Dave and Dawson again.  Hopefully, Alexa and I will get to do another girl's weekend again in the future!

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