November Morning

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

SLC Connect Pass: Natural History Museum of Utah

We were really excited to go to the Natural History Museum of Utah with our SLC Connect Passes because we had never been there before.  The fourth graders at my school have gone in the past, but I've never heard much about it beyond that.

The most interesting thing to Dawson (and probably all of us) was the dinosaur exhibit.

Dawson even got to be a paleontologist!

Dawson also enjoyed this replica of a Native American dig site.

The part Dave and I really enjoyed was the outdoor deck.  It has an amazing panoramic view of Salt Lake City.

Unfortunately Dawson was in a pretty grumpy mood while we were at the museum so we breezed through a lot of other neat things.  It's definitely a place we would go back to, but it is better suited to an older crowd.  Another thing checked off our SLC bucket list!

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