November Morning

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Introducing Hazel Sage Gregory!

On Sunday, January 17, 2016 we had an induction scheduled at Mountain View Hospital in Payson, Utah.  This date also happened to be my actual due date.  I spent the day before feeling anxious, scared, and excited.  I don't deal well with medical situations so knowing what was about to happen was pretty overwhelming to me.

Jennifer and Kyle came over late on Saturday night so they could stay with Dawson while Dave and I were in the hospital.  Dave and I got up early Sunday morning, loaded the car, kissed Dawson goodbye, and headed to the hospital for our 8:00am induction.  The weather was very cold and foggy making the ride to the hospital a little scary.

We arrived at the hospital safe and sound and finally found our way to the Labor and Delivery floor.  I was assigned to a room and we took one last picture of me 40 weeks pregnant with Hazel.

After that the nurse took some time asking general information questions about me and having me sign various forms.  Then it was time to put in an IV.  This was the part I was most scared of because my IV with Dawson (which was put in on the top of my left hand) hurt so bad.  Little did I know what an ordeal this would turn in to.  My nurse tried two times to put in an IV but was unsuccessful.  She then got another nurse who tried once, but was also unsuccessful.  They decided it would be a good idea to have the anesthesiologist try since he is good with being precise.  He tried two times and was unsuccessful.  After that, he brought in an ultrasound machine to use on my arm so he could try again while having a picture to look at.  This too was unsuccessful.  By this point I had been stuck in the inner elbow of both arms in different places, and near the wrist of both arms as well.  I was also quite wound up, sad, hysterical, and using oxygen to help me remain calm.  

Everyone decided to give up and we waited for an ER nurse to come and try to put an IV in.  I didn't have much faith in her, but she came in the room with confidence, looked over my arms and hands quickly, and said she found a good vein in my left forearm.  She quickly tied an incredibly tight tourniquet on my arm, told me it was going to be painful, and stuck me.  She was right, it was very painful.  However, she was successful and within minutes managed to accomplish what the other three couldn't accomplish in an hour and a half.  (I later found out that she is the daughter of the man who does my ultrasounds - small world!)  I am now also the record holder on the Labor and Delivery floor for the most tries (7) and people (4) it took to put an IV in - a record I never wanted to set.  So, finally at 10:30am I was given Pitocin and Dr.Nance was able to break my water.

Because I was only in labor for six hours with Dawson, they were expecting I would go even faster with Hazel.  Dr.Nance left to go to church and he said when he came back that I would most likely be ready to deliver.  I felt contractions for about an hour and then decided I was ready to have an epidural.  I had a good experience with getting an epidural last time so I wasn't too nervous about the procedure.  The only thing that made me nervous was that the anesthesiologist mentioned earlier would be the same man doing my epidural.  Would someone who couldn't even put an IV in me successfully be able to get an epidural going?  Well, I didn't really have much of a choice so I just had to trust that everything would be fine and it mostly was.  Right after I got the epidural though, my blood pressure started dropping rapidly and I didn't feel well.  Apparently my body took the medicine really quickly.  They were able to give me additional fluids to stabilize me and I began to feel better but they decided not to give me any more epidural medicine for the time being so I only received a half dose.

Well, it didn't take long for me to be ready to deliver.  The epidural started wearing off and I could feel a lot of pressure bearing down on me.  The nurse checked me and said that I was ready but not to push until Dr.Nance arrived.  He arrived quickly and the pushing began.  Since I only received a half dose of the epidural medicine I felt a good deal of the labor.  The pressure was pretty bad but Dr.Nance stretching my skin was worse.  After a couple of minutes of pushing, I had an episiotomy and then pushed for a couple more minutes and Hazel was born!

Hazel Sage Gregory came screaming and crying into this world at 3:27pm after only five hours of labor.  She weighed 8 pounds 6 ounces, the exact same weight as Dawson!  Hazel was 19 and 3/4 inches long.

After delivery, I was bleeding heavily so I was given a shot of Methergine to help the uterus contract.  I was then given my sweet baby Hazel for some skin to skin time and breastfeeding.  Hazel latched really well using a nipple shield.  Dave and I were absolutely in love from the moment we saw Hazel.

  She was born with lots of dark hair and it looks like she will have blue eyes.  She didn't look at all like Dawson as a baby though.  She looks a lot like I did as a baby.
Jessica                                                   Hazel

Hazel and Dave headed off to the nursery for cleaning and examination and I remained in the delivery room until my bleeding got under control and my legs were strong enough to walk.  We then were taken to a nice big room where we spent the rest of our stay.  We love our beautiful girl!

By the time we were settled in our room it was around 7:00pm.  Dave and I called family members to relay the good news.  Then, Dave made a quick trip to Taco Bell because we were both pretty hungry.  We had an adjustable queen size bed to sleep in which seemed great compared to our accommodations with Dawson.  However, it wasn't very comfortable for Dave because I needed to sleep at an incline and had to get up every couple of hours.  We didn't get much sleep that first night.  I was on a high from having the baby so I couldn't sleep, but then I couldn't sleep because I was in a fair amount of pain.  Dave couldn't sleep because he was pretty uncomfortable.  Welcome to life with a baby, right?

The next morning I was told they needed a sample of my blood.  I knew this was coming but was very nervous on account of my IV experience.  My nurse tried twice but was unsuccessful.  She brought a different nurse in who tried to get blood through my IV line which she said wouldn't hurt but actually did and then she was ultimately unsuccessful.  After that, Dave and I both told them that we were done and no one else was going to get the chance to try - we declined the blood work!  A girl can only take so much!

After breakfast Dave went home to get Dawson so he could come meet his baby sister.  He was pretty timid around her at first and somewhat uninterested but he quickly warmed up to her.  We loved seeing our two children together for the first time!

Later that day my mom, dad, and Jason arrived and came to visit us at the hospital.  We were excited to introduce everyone to Hazel.

Dave and I spent that night at the hospital.  The next morning Hazel and I were discharged.  Here is a picture of Hazel wearing her first real outfit that I picked out for her to wear home from the hospital.

We feel so blessed to have Hazel in our lives.  We love and adore her.  She has the sweetest disposition.  She is calm, quiet, snuggly, and tolerant of her brother's wildness.  She is a good eater and sleeps for long stretches too.  We are so happy to be able to raise this beautiful daughter of God.

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