November Morning

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dawson Plays Soccer

We signed up Dawson to play soccer at the Provo Rec Center for the 2016 Spring season.  This is a parent and child class where one parent has to play with the child at each practice.  

During each practice the kids would practice really basic skills of soccer.  Dawson had fun about half of the time.  Sometimes he would do really well and listen and have fun.  Other times he didn't want to do anything and we could barely get him to participate.  It was his first time doing an organized sport so we tried to be positive, but it was pretty frustrating at times.  Overall, it was a good experience for Dawson.

End of the season team pictures.

Proud Mom.

Proud Dad.

While soccer was at times unpleasant for Dawson, he was so excited to get this certificate and medal.  He loves wearing his soccer medal and keeps it proudly on display in his room when its not around his neck.

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