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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Family Pictures 2016

I decided to skip family pictures in 2015.  We normally take them toward the end of the year but I figured we might as well wait a bit longer and get pictures with Hazel.  I like baby pictures at one month old because the babies open their eyes and they just look cuter with some more meat on their bones.  These are the adorable pictures we had taken in February of 2016.

Here are our best two family pictures.

Cute Dawson boy at age 3.

Sweet baby Hazel at age one month.

Our precious children together.
I LOVE this picture of Dawson and Hazel.  They are seriously so cute.

 Here are some more cute (unedited) ones of them.

Kisses from brother.

Kisses from sister.

And here are the best pictures of Dave and I.

I love to have one-on-one pictures with the kids!

Of course, there are always plenty of winners besides the edited pictures.  Here are my favorites.  I love these pictures because they remind me that life isn't always picture perfect.  Family photos involve silliness to get a child to crack a smile, crying, frustration, fear that your toddler will drop your newborn, binkies in between shots, shadows that ruin otherwise adorable pictures, and did I mention a lot of crying?

I'm SO thankful for the beautiful pictures we got out of this session, but I have a feeling these last few will warm my heart even more with time.

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