November Morning

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Provo City Center Temple

After the Provo Tabernacle caught on fire and was severely damaged, it was announced in General Conference that it would be turned into the second temple in Provo.  This temple was to be called the Provo City Center Temple and it would be the temple my stake was assigned to!  

Because I am in the Young Women's Presidency, I was really involved in the preparation for the temple cultural celebration.  Each stake assigned to the temple was asked to perform a dance at the celebration.  We spent several activity nights practicing the dance and many additional evenings and Saturdays.  I drove the girls a few times to practices in the BYU Mariott Center as the performance grew closer so they could practice in the actual location of the celebration.

Our dance was a lyrical contemporary piece that was honestly a bit weird.  It also involved an enormous ball that really complicated the whole routine and made it almost consistently not work out.  The few times it did work, it looked good.

Dave and I also scored tickets to the actual celebration which was amazing to see in person.  Unfortunately the ball portion of the dance did not turn out correctly during the actual performance, but the youth did the best they could.  The other dances were really great too and highlighted the history of Provo as well as the old tabernacle.

Dave and I also had the opportunity to be ushers one night during the Open House event.  We worked in the area just outside of the main underground entrance.  I stood by the doors and basically smiled and guided people along the path.  Dave operated an elevator to assist people up to the gazebo area.

We were also able to attend the Open House as a family too which was really neat!  The temple has an older architectural style and a lot of effort went into preserving the beauty of the old tabernacle.  It was a really special experience to be able to go to the temple with our children and be reminded of the forever family we have.

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