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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Sweet Baby Hazel

Oh how we love our sweet baby Hazel!  She has been the best baby!  Hazel has slept through the night fairly consistently since she was two weeks old.  She is calm and easy-going, lays still for diaper changes, and is absolutely adorable.

Hazel bundled up for her first doctor appointment just a few days after being born.  I'm a bit obsessed with animal print so my baby has on a cheetah sleeper and jacket.  The doctor was worried Hazel might have jaundice but at the appointment her levels checked out.  This was a relief because we didn't want to do the whole BiliBed thing again like we did with Dawson.

It was so nice to have my parents and Jason with us after Hazel was born.  My dad stayed for a week and my mom and Jason stayed for two weeks.  They were all very helpful with Hazel, Dawson, and running the house.

We love our sweet girl.

 Funny Faces!

 Snuggles with Mom and Dad.

Everyone who sees Hazel comments on her cute, chubby cheeks!

Of course we took a bunch of family pictures with Hazel while everyone was in town.
 Our first photos as a family of four!
 I was glad my brother, Jason, got home from his mission just a few days before Hazel was born so he could be there with us!

 Grandma Lona and Grandpa Luis

Hazel with Uncle Kyle and Aunt Jennifer.

Hazel and Mom in my new rocking chair.  We bought a comfy, rocking recliner for Hazel's room before she was born.  Awesome purchase off KSL!  (It also afforded me some more or less upright sleep the week before she was born.  I get bad heartburn and acidic stuff creeping up my throat toward the end of pregnancy when I lay down, so this chair was a comfortable sleeping alternative.)

 Hazel has brought so much love to our family!

Hazel trying out the play mat for the first time!

We are so glad to have this cute girl as a part of our family forever!

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