November Morning

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

We Can't Get Enough of Our Hazel

Really and truly, we just love our sweet baby girl.  The following pictures span March, April, and June of 2016.

These two.  Watching cartoons in Mom and Dad's bed.

Hazel is such a happy baby.

 Hazel keeps nice and warm inside while Dawson has fun in the snow outside.

 We love her smiles!

At the end of May, Dave's parents came to visit us.  It was great to have Grandma Julie and Grandpa Keith meet Hazel!

Dawson loved this Jumparoo, and it was so cute to watch him go crazy in it.  Hazel has not really loved it at all.  She likes it for a few minutes to explore the toys but is not super interested in the fun jumping part.

We love being parents of two and love that we have a son and a daughter!  Not every day is amazing, but these two keep life fun, interesting, and make it all worth it.

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