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Monday, August 7, 2017

Art City Days 2016

We love Art City Days!  We decided to get Dawson a wristband this year and take him to the carnival.  It was hot, but he had a blast!

Flying Saucer!

 Circus Train - choo, choo!

 Caterpillar Roller Coaster!  Notice how no one else is on the ride?  There was hardly anybody there so we never waited in lines and Dawson got to ride a lot of rides!

 Love that cheesy smile.

Dragon Roller Coaster with Dad!

 Flying Dragon!

Dawson really did have the best time, but Hazel had a different experience.
It's hard to be a baby.

Overall, we had a great family night out at the carnival!

Shortly after, Dave's Grandma Mary and Aunt Jan came to visit us for a few days.  It was nice to have them meet Hazel and to spend some time with the kids.

 Great Grandma Mary with Dawson and Hazel - June 2016.

Dawson reading books with Grandma Mary.

 Great Aunt Jan with Dawson and Hazel.

Jan and Mary came during Art City Days.  On Saturday we all went to the parade!  Dave helped Dawson to be brave and run out to get some candy.  Dawson ended up with a bag full of candy and we got some pretty good coupons too!

 Hazel and I spent our time watching from behind and keeping dry from the sprinkles of rain.

 We are working on our family of four selfie game!  Happy Art City Days 2016!

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