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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Backyard Improvements 2016

We continued with our work on the yard a little late this summer.  Having a baby around complicates things a bit.  Our goal for this summer was to do the dirt beds around the house in the back, the two corner dirt beds in the back, and rocks along the side of the driveway.  Once we started, we knew we our goal was unattainable.  So, we took the corners off the list and set to work on the other two items.

The driveway project was fairly simple.  We pulled out the existing weeds from the dirt and then covered the strip of dirt in weed blocker.  After that, we made a couple of trips to Home Depot to pick up bags of rocks.  At times, we really wish we had a pick-up truck to make projects like this easier. 

 Then, it was just a matter of Dave dumping the rocks and working together to spread them evenly.

We even had a little help from Dawson and a cat.

This was pretty much the end result.  We did get some more rocks eventually to fill in the area better.

Of course our little munchkins were around for the fun too, playing in the front yard.

We also completed the dirt beds around the back of the house.  One night I went to Wal-Mart and just bought what I liked for the dirt beds.  I bought a bunch of different flower bushes and three raspberry bushes.  I have really fond memories of picking and eating raspberries from my grandma's bushes as a little girl and thought it would be fun to have my own.  We also got a green apple tree from Home Depot for super cheap since it was basically the end of the summer season.  Then we went to work pulling weeds, digging holes, and laying down weed blocker.  We buried the plants and finished everything off with a layer of mulch.  This project has made our backyard so much nicer!

Here is our baby apple tree and three nice flower bushes.

These are the flower bushes on the other side of the house.

Here are the three raspberry bushes.

A view from the middle where you can see both the flower and raspberry bushes.

We also kept our garden going this summer.  Dawson has had a lot of fun learning to care for the garden and helping me harvest.

 Every year we do a little more to the yard, we like to reminisce on what the yard looked like when we bought our home.  It has certainly taken a lot of time and resources, but we love the way we have been able to beautify our surroundings!

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